West Bengal Board Class 10 English Solution Chapter 7 The Cat

West Bengal State Board Class 10 English Solution: Lesson 7 The Cat

Unit 1 Solution:

1.) (a) Most people think that the cat is

(1) wise

(2) unintelligent

(3) clever

(4) intelligent

Answer: (2) unintelligent

(b) The cat cares little for anything but mice and

(1) soup

(2) juice

(3) water

(4) milk

Answer: (4) milk

(c) One can see the cat as he really is in the

(1) morning

(2) night

(3) afternoon

(4) evening

Answer: (4) evening

2.) (a) The cat really has more character than __________________________

(b) The cat sometimes watches ___________________________________

(c) All day long the cat allows himself to be__________________________


(a) most human beings

(b) a mouse -hole for an hour or two just to keep himself from dying of boredom.

(c) pestered by the attentions of the people in the house.

3.) (a) The cat is not fond of ease .

Supporting statement :___________________________________________________



S.S:- “most people think that the cat is an unintelligent animal , fond of ease and caring  little for anything but mice and milk .”

(b) The cat has no athletic skills .

Supporting statement:_____________________________________________________



S.S.:- “He __or she__is the athelete , an acrobat and a grim fighter.”

(c) The cat takes things very easily .

Supporting statement:_____________________________________________________



S.S.:- “All day long the cat loafs about the hope , takes things easy and allows himself to  be Pestered by the attentions of the people in the house.”

Unit 2 Solution

4.) (a) The cat rubs himself against the legs of the family members and noisily

(a) purrs

(b) howls

(c) barks

(d) mews

Answer: purrs

(b) With tears of rage and pain in his eyes , the guest affects to be very much

(a) amused

(b) annoyed

(c) unhappy

(d) upset

Answer: (a) amused

(c) The guest hands down the cat a bit of

(a) meat

(b) fruit

(c) fish

(d) vegetable

Answer: (c) fish

6.) (a) When does the cat make an appearance to get his share of food?

(b) Who is the cat particularly civil to?

(c) How does the cat receive the bit of fish handed down by the guest?


(a) The cat makes an appearance to get his share of food when everyone in the family sits down to tea.

(b) The cat particularly civil to the guest of the family. As because it knows we always try to give best to our guest.

(c) The cat gingerly receives the bit of fish handed down by the guest.

Unit 3 Solution

7.) (a) The cat saunters down his own

(1) courtyard

(2) front yard

(3) backyard

(4) shipyard

Answer: (3) backyard

(b) The cat skips to the roof an empty

(1) room

(2) shade

(3) floor

(4) corridor

Answer: (2) shade

(c) Exilled in a new land, the cat would have to learn new

(1) history

(2) manners

(3) cultures

(4) geography

Answer: (4) geography

8.) (a) When the family gathers round the fire , the cat_____________________________

(b) The cat droops his head nearly to his paws and ______________________________

(c) Cats go for sport to the suburban backyard as_______________________________


(a) casually goes out of the room .

(b) he sends across a call to his kindred .

(c) they get older .

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