Traders, King & Pilgrims Class 6 Quiz

Traders, King & Pilgrims Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer

Traders, King & Pilgrims Class 6 Quiz Question with Answer. CBSE Class 6 History Lesson 9 Mock Test.

Question: (1) Because of it valued in the Roman Empire, pepper was know as—

(a) Black gold

(b) Liquid gold

(c) Silver

(d) None of these

Answer:- (a) Black gold

Question: (2) Make silk a highly valued fabric in most of societies

(a) Smooth texture

(b)  Glossy colours

(c) Both a & b

(d) None of these

Answer:- (c) Both a & b

Question: (3) Techniques of making silk were first inverted in —

(a) India

(b) Iran

(c) China

(d) Afghanistan

Answer:- (c) China

Question: (4) The best know of the rulers who controlled the silk  route were the —

(a) Kushanas

(b) Pallavas

(c) Gupta

(d) Palas

Answer:- (a) Kushanas

Question: (5) The — were a amongst the earliest rulers of the subcontinent to issue gold coins.

(a) Pallavas

(b) Chola

(c) Kushanas

(d) Chalukyas

Answer:- (c) Kushanas

Question: (6) The most famous Kushana ruler was—

(a) Sudarshan

(b) Kaniska

(c) Ashoka

(d) Rana kumbha

Answer:- (b) kanishka

Question: (7) biography of Buddha know as —

(a) Buddhacharita

(b) Tripitaka

(c) Milinda panho

(d) Sutta pitaka

Answer:- (a) Buddhacharita

Question: (8) Who composed biography of Buddha

(a) Mahakassapa

(b) Ashvaghosha

(c) Sabbakami

(d) Vasumitra

Answer:- (b) Ashvaghosha

Question: (9) the most important ruler of – was gautamiputra shri satakani

(a) Satavahanas

(b) Pratihara

(c) Rastrakuta

(d) Pallava


Question: (10) —– comes from the Sanskrit term bhoj meaning to divide or share

(a) Hindu

(b) Bhakti

(c) Bhaga

(d) None of these

Answer:- (b) Bhakti

Question: (11) The word ‘hindu’ like term ‘India’ is derived from the river—.

(a) Sindhu

(b) Ganga

(c) Indus

(d) Bhim

Answer:- (c) Indus

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