Torch bulb

One day, all family members sitting in hall and suddenly bulb is went off. Everyone started to cheat Electricity, did electricity go off? But electricity was on. Then the father started thinking and said, “If the bulb is bad, then a new bulb will have to be installed”. Then Papa said to Shweta, “Bring an extra bulb at home”. Shweta brings an extra placed bulb and Papa applies that bulb. The house gets bright again. Then little Shweta asks Papa, “How does this bulb work”? Then dad said to little Shweta, “take this bulb in your hand and obverse it carefully and tell me what did you see in bulb”? She observe bulb very carefully and told to dad that “there is a coil inside the bulb and there are two terminals outside a bulb. “Yes, you are right Shweta. Now listen how it work”? Then Shweta’s dad explain her how bulb is exactly work. Let’s see, Coil inside a bulb is called filament and this filament is supported by wires which are connected to its end. When positive terminal of electric cells is connected to positive terminal of bulb and negative terminal of electric cell is connected to negative terminal of bulb. Then electricity is passing through it and bulb is heated. And bulb starts to get glow. Then Shweta said that “Ohh right now I understand how a bulb was glow”. “Dad I have one more doubt can I ask you”? Shweta said. Then dad replied her, “Yes dear you can asked me any doubt”. Then Shweta asked her dad, “Is this bulb also used in torch”? “Yes my dear this bulb are also used in torch”, dad replied.

Q1 Who invented first bulb?

Ans : In 1878, Scientist Thomas Edison invented first bulb.

Q2 Which wire is used as a filament?

Ans : Tungsten wire is used for filament.

Q3 Why bulb is covered by glass?

Ans : To prevent the filament from oxidation, bulb is covered by glass.

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