Time and Tense Class 9 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

Time and Tense Class 9 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution Activity Question Answers by Grammar Sir here in this page. Odisha Board 9th Class English Grammar Time and Tense Exercise Questions and Answers, Notes BSE Odisha.

Learn and Practise Grammar Class 9 English BSE Odisha Questions Answers have total 21 Activities. Here students of Board of Secondary Education, Odisha Class 9 can solved all their doubts in each questions and prepare for exams.

Time and Tense Class 9 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

Activity 1

Study the following sentences and underline the verbs. Mention the tense and the time these verbs refer to. The first one has been done for you.

(i) Mira didn’t do her homework.

Answer: (Time-Past, Tense-Past)

(ii) We are going on a picnic tomorrow.

Answer: (Time- Future, Tense- Present)

(iii) There will be a lot of fun.

Answer:  (Time- Future , Tense- Future)

(iv) Tomorrow is Sunday.

Answer: (Time- Future , Tense- Present)

(v) Our teacher has given us permission to go on a picnic.

Answer: (Time- Future , Tense- Present)

(vi) She is also coming with us.

Answer: (Time- Present, Tense- Present)

(vii) We always obey our teachers.

Answer: (Time- Present, Tense- Present)

Activity – 2

Look up a dictionary and fill in the blanks in the following table of verbs.

1 2 3
Begin Began Begun
Go Went Gone
Come Came Come
Open Opened Opened
Shut Shut Shut
Take Took Taken
Give Gave Given


Saw Seen


Sat Sit
Stand Stood Stood


Read Read


Wrote Written


Ran Run
Play Played Played


Put Put


Sold Sold


Bought Bought


Brought Brought
Do Did Done


Flew Flown


Cut Cut
Sing Sang Sung

Activity – 4

(A) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs given in brackets :

He gets (get) up early everyday. He brushes (brush) his teeth and have (have) his bath. He takes (take) a quick breakfast. He does not want to be punished at school. So he sets (set) out early to reach school in time. He sits (sit) on the same bench in my classroom. He has (have) straight hair and a sharp nose. What is(be) his name ?

Activity 5

Make sentences in the Present Perfect using the words given. If required,you may use some more words to complete the sentence. The first one has been done for you as an example.

1) ever / you / been / to Kashmir ?

Answer: Have you ever been to Kashmir?

2) Never / I / see / a ghost / in my life

Answer:  I have never seen a ghost in my life.

3) My younger brother / not finish / his homework / yet.

Answer:  My younger brother has not finished his homework yet.

4) It / first time / I / take / a public examination.

Answer:  It is the first time I have taken a public examination.

5) He / the best boy / I / come across

Answer:  He is the best boy I have come across.

6) Who / you / ever / visit / the Taj Mahal ?

Answer:  Who has ever visited the Taj Mahal?

7) He / only player / that / got / a chance / to play / international cricket match.

Answer:  He is the only player who has got a chance to play international cricket match.

Activity 6

Use Since or For as required in the following dialogue :

A) Since when have you waited for the doctor ?

B) I have waited for the doctor since 6 pm.

A) Would you wait for him for two hours more ?

B) No. I have already waited long. I understand my friend has waited for me at home since 9 a.m. I would like to see him at once.

Activity 7

Complete the sentences using the words given in brackets : Use the PresentPerfect or the Present Perfect Progressive as required. The first one has been done for you.

(i) Anita – You look very tired, Amit.

Answer:  Amit – I have been working hard all day.

(ii) How long has it been raining ?

Answer:  It has been raining for three days.

(iii) What have you been doing all morning ?

Answer:  I have been working out sums all morning.

(iv) How long have you stayed here ?

Answer:  I have stayed here for a week.

(v) How long have you swum in the river ?

Answer:  I have swum in the river for two hours.

(vi) Sabita is ill. She is still under treatment.

Answer:  The doctor has been treating Sabita who is ill.

(vii) We are at the station for the last two hours. Our parents haven’t come yet.

Answer:  We have been waiting at the station for our parents for the last two hours.

(viii) The lion attacked its keeper. He is dead now.

Answer: The lion has attacked and killed its keeper.

Activity – 8

Make sentences using the present perfect progressive form of the verbs given in brackets.

1) Mrs Das is very tired. (work hard)

Answer:   Mrs.Das has been working hard so she is very tired.

2) Mr Das looks pale. (not feel well / all day)

Answer:  Mrs. Das looks pale as she has not been feeling well all day.

3) Their son Ashok has got a headache. (watch TV / all evening)

Answer:  Their son Ashok has been watching TV all evening so he got a headache.

4) Their daughter Bini has got no money left. (buy dresses)

Answer:  Their daughter has not been buying clothes because she has got no money.

5) They are sitting idle and can’t do anything. (rain / since the evening)

Answer:  They are sitting idle and can’t do anything because it has been raining since the evening.

Activity – 9

One sentence in each of the following pairs is unacceptable. Strike it off.

1) I can go home now.

I have finished my class work.

I have been finishing my class work.


2) You look tired.

Have you worked in the garden ?

Have you been working in the garden?


3) Speak the truth.

Have you broken the window ?

Have you been breaking the window ?


4) Your eyes are red.

You have cried.

You have been crying.


5) Now you can live in that house.

We have repaired the roof.

We have been repairing the roof.


Activity – 10

Complete the following conversation, using either the past simple or the present perfect form of the verb given in brackets.

Ashok : What are these people doing here ? What has happened?

Bini : There was an accident.

Ashok : An accident ? What happened exactly ?

Bini : A cat ran across the road in front of a car. The driver tried to apply the brake and hit the tree on the side of the road.

Ashok : When did it happen?

Bini : About ten minutes ago.

Ashok : Has anyone called for an ambulance ?

Bini : No, not yet. But the police have arrived. They will take care of that.

Ashok : This is the second accident we have had here this week.

Bini : We should have a hump here.

Activity – 11

Fill in the blanks with the past simple or present perfect forms of the verbs given in brackets :

Bakul :Did you see Jagu last night ?

Pikul: No, but I have just come from his house. He’s in bed. He was very ill for the last three days.

Bakul : I’m sorry to hear that. So that’s why he did not come to the party last night.

Pikul: The doctor has seen him twice by now. He’s coming again tomorrow. Oh, by the way, Jagu has sent your book.

Activity – 12

Fill in the blanks using the past simple or the past progressive forms of the verbs given in brackets.

Once when I was reading  in my room, I heard a lot of noise outside. I came out and ` saw that many people were running in a particular direction. They were shouting at the top of their voice. They all had buckets and water pots in their hands. I asked them what the matter was. Somebody pointed at a house at the end of our village. I saw that the house was burning. People were throwing water at the house in order to put out the fire. Very soon the fire came under control.

Activity – 13

Rewrite the paragraph using the past progressive or the past simple forms of the verbs given in the brackets.

I was walking along the street one day when I saw something strange. I noticed a person of the same height as me and had the same hair style. He was wearing clothes of the same colour and was carrying a school bag just as mine. He was just crossed the road ahead of me but he was not avoiding me at all. I was sure of that.

As he was going across the road, I followed him.

Activity – 14

Combine the following sentences into single ones using the past perfect or the past simple forms of the verbs.

1) The alarm clock rang. I woke up = As soon as the alarm clock had rung, I woke up.

2) I cleaned my teeth. I took my bath = After I had cleaned my teeth, I took my bath.

3) I looked at my watch. I realized I was late = When I looked at my watch, I realized I was late.

4) I arrived at the school. I remembered it was Sunday. = When I arrived at the school, I remembered it was Sunday.

5) Siya wrote the letter. She posted it = After Siya had written the letter, she posted it.

Activity – 16

Complete the following dialogue using the past perfect or the past perfect progressive forms of the verbs given in brackets.


Federer : My best moment in the match was when I realised that the game had finished and I hadbecame the champion. I had won at last. At that moment I had become the best Tennis player of the world.


Reporter : And when you won, how long you had been playing Tennis ?


Federer : I started just before I finished school. That means, I had been playing for about six years when I won Wimbledon.


Reporter : You had beaten some good players before you won that tournament.


Federer : Yes, ever since I started as a Tennis professional, I had been winning games regularly, until my injury.

Activity – 17

Two friends Sanu and Siya are leaving school together Their parents have gone to their village. Some of the lines of their conversation are correct and some have a mistake. Put a tick against the correct sentence. If a sentence has an error in it, write the corrected form.

Sanu – Where will you eat tonight?


Siya – At home. I’ve got a cookery book, so I’ll make a curry.


Sanu – Why not come to my place ? I’m going to cook for us both something.


Siya – Won’t you go to visit your Grandpa ?


Sanu – No, he’s left for the village. I won’t seehim for a month or so.


Siya – O.K. I’m going to come round at 8 and I’ll bring some ice-cream.


Sanu – Fine. I’ll see you then.


Activity – 18

Use will/shall, be going to, or present progressive forms of the verbs given in brackets and complete the sentences.


Mina : Would you like to come to watch a movie this weekend ?


Mitina : I’d like to, but I’m afraid I will not have time.


Mina : Why ? What are you doing?


Mitina : Well, my father is arriving back from Delhi. He’s been there for six months and we are going to have a big party to celebrate.


Mina : Will he not be/won’t he be  too tired for a party after his long train journey ?


Mitina : Yes and no doubt he will have no proper food during the journey. So, on Saturday he can take it easy. But on Sunday, all the family is going to come on a picnic. I am going to prepare things all day on Saturday.


Mina : What a lot of work for you.


Mitina : I don’t mind. Other members of my family are helpful and we are well organized. In fact, I shall see someone about hiring a cook this afternoon. So, I must go now or I will not get to their shop before they will be closed.


Mina : I hope everything will go well for you.


Mitina : I’m sure it is going to be a great day provided the weather will remain fine.


Activity 19

Rewrite the following sentences using the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. Read the following passage. It’s about Raju’s daily routine.

Raju gets up early every day. He brushes his teeth and has his bath.

He takes a quick breakfast. He usually prefers fruits for his breakfast. Soon after, he sits down to do his homework. He does not want to be punished at school. So, he sets out early to reach the school in time.


Activity 21

Use either the present simple or the present progressive in the following sentences to complete the dialogue.


Seema : Hellow, Lopa, what are you doing these days ?


Lopa : Nothing special. I am learning dancing in a dancing school. What about you ?


Seema : Me ? I am working at a training school. The school offers  lessons on cooking.


Lopa : Do you like the job ?


Seema : Yes, of course. I prefer this job because I am also learning a lot about cooking while working here.


Lopa : What are they teaching now?


Seema : Right now, they are giving lessons on Chinese food. You know, Chinese dishes tastes so good!


Lopa : Can I join the classes some day ?


Seema : Sure. They want more and more students to join their school. You are welcome.


Lopa : Thank you.

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