In general Threshing is doing by farmers in farm to separate the things and obtain pure form of grains.

After harvesting, threshing is first step to separate grains from a long stalk. Grain loss their cover in it.

But still some grass particle is present in grains. It can separate when winnowing is done.

Threshing is done just before winnowing process.

In this technique things separated out the solid-solid particle from each other.

In this process we separate out grains from stalk (husk). Grains like grams, rice, and all type of whole grains.

Threshing is done by hand as well as machines.

Question 1) what is Threshing in one sentence.

Answer- process we used to separate grains from stalk.

Question 2) Name that machine which is used in threshing technique?

Answer- Threshing machine is called as Thresher.

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