The Tsunami Extra Questions and Answers English Honeydew Chapter 2

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The Tsunami Extra Questions and Answers English Honeydew Chapter 2

The Tsunami Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Part- 1


The stories are from –

(a) Andaman and Nicobar

(b) Daman and Diu

(c) Andaman and Daman

(d) Nicobar and Diu

Answer:- (a) Andaman and Nicobar.


Ignesious was the manager of-

(a) A bank

(b) A cooperative Bank

(c) A cooperative society

(d) A private company

Answer:- (c) A cooperative society.


Ignesious’s wife woke him up at-

(a) 6 am

(b) 6 pm

(c) Middle of the night

(d) 3 am

Answer:- (a) 6 am.


When the tremors stopped, they saw-

(a) the flood

(b) The cyclone coming

(c) The sea rising

(d) The Broken Buildings

Answer:- (c) The sea rising.


What was the age of Meghna?

(a) 13 years

(b) 30 years

(c) 77 years

(d) 33 years

Answer:- (a) 13 years.

Question: 6

By profession John won a –

(a) Police

(b) Manager

(c) Teacher

(d) Cook

Answer:- (d) Cook.

Question: 7

How many times Megna noticed Relief helicopters over head?

(a) 12

(b) 3

(c) 11

(d) 21

Answer:- (c) 11.


Almas family had gone there to celebrate-

(a) Christmas

(b) New year

(c) Birth day

(d) Vacation

Answer:- (a) Christmas.


Question: (i)

 The story is from-

(a) Thailand

(b) Nagaland

(c) Finland

(d) Greenland

Answer:- (a) Thailand.

Question: (ii)

Tilly Smith’s family was from-

(a) America

(b) England

(c) Africa

(d) Thailand

Answer:- (b) England.


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Question: (3)

The person of Tsunami-

(a) An earth quake

(b) Rain

(c) High temperature

(d) Flood

Answer:- (a) An earth quake.


Question: 1

 The giant waves that rolled through the Indian Ocean killed more than—

(a) 1475000

(b) 150,000

(c) 150,00

(d) 160000

Answer:- (b) 150,000.

Question: 2

Name the Svilankan National park mentioned in the passage-

(a) Sinhal National park

(b) Colombo National park

(c) The yala National park

(d) Silent valley National park

Answer:- (c) The yala National park.

The Tsunami Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Type

 (1) The story about which Natural disaster?

Answer:- Tsunami.

Question: 2

The stories are from which archipelago?

Answer:- Andaman and Nicobar archipelago.

Question: 3

The cooperative society in which Ignesious worked as a manager was in?

Answer:- Katchall.

Question: 4

What happened in chaos and confusion?

Answer:- Two of Ignesious children caught hold of the lands of their mother’s father and mother’s brother, and rushed in the opposite direction.

Question: 5

Who was Sanjeev?

Answer:- A policeman serving in the Katchall Island.

Question: 6

How old Aimaswas?

Answer:- 10 years.

Question: 7

Who was Rahila?

Answer:- Almas’s mother was Rahila.



Who was Tilly Smith?

Answer:- A British school girl, Saves many lives when Tsunami struck Phuket beach, Thailand.

Question: 2

The video of which Tsunami Tilly smith had seen in the class!

Answer:- The tsunami that had the Hawailan Islands in 1946.

Question: 3

Who was Penny Smith?

Answer:- Penny Smith was Tilly Smith’s mother who also faced Tsunami.



How many species of birds are there in the yala National park?

Answer:- 130

Question: 2

How many people died in Patonangala beach?

Answer:- 60.

Question: 3

No which date the tragedy happened?

Answer:- December 26th, 2004.

The Tsunami Extra Questions and Answers Short Type

What is archipelago?

Answer:- A group of Island in the middle of the sea or ocean.


Who was the manager of cooperative society in Katchall?

Answer:- Ignesious was the manager.

Question: 3

Who feet the earthquake first?

Answer:- Ignesious’s wife feet the earthquake first.

Question: 4

Why did ignesious take off his television set from the table and put it down on the ground?

Answer:- Ignesious carefully, took his television set from the table and put it down on the ground so that it would not fall and break.

Question: 5

What happened with Sanjeev?

Answer:- Sanjeev jumped into the water to rescue John’s wife, both of them were swept away.



From where Tilly get to knew about the Tsunami?

Answer:- From her geography teacher.

Question: 2

How Tilly sensed that something was wrong?

Answer:- Tilly saw the sea slowly rise and start to from bubble and form whirlpools. She remembered that she had seen this in class in a video of Tsunami.

Question: 3

Where did Smith’s family and other tourists take shelter to escape tsunami?

Answer:- In third floor hotel building.

The Tsunami Extra Questions and Answers Long Type

Question: 1

Describe Animal’s before the discounter?

Answer:- As wild and domestic animals seemed to know what was about to happen. They fled for safety. According to the eyewitness, elephants screamed and ran for higher ground, dogs refused to go outdoors, flamingoes abandoned their low-lying breeding areas, and animals rushed into their shelters and could not be enticed to come back out.

Question: 2

What happened with Ignesious family in the story?

Answer:- When the tremors of earthquake stopped, they saw a very large and power full wave rises from the sea. In clutter and tangle situation two of his children caught hold of others and rushed in the opposite direction. Ignesious never sent them again his wife also swept away.

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