The Predicate Phrase Class 9 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

The Predicate Phrase Class 9 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution Activity Question Answers by Grammar Sir here in this page. Odisha Board 9th Class English Grammar The Predicate Phrase Exercise Questions and Answers, Notes BSE Odisha.

Learn and Practise Grammar Class 9 English BSE Odisha Questions Answers have total 5 Activities. Here students of Board of Secondary Education, Odisha Class 9 can solved all their doubts in each questions and prepare for exams.

The Predicate Phrase Class 9 English Grammar Odisha Board Solution

Activity 1

Underline the Main verb (M.V.) and say whether it is Transitive (Vt) or Intransitive (Vint).

1) John is playing outside.

Answer:  Intransitive verb

2) Children like sweets very much.

Answer:  Transitive verb

3) He has changed a lot.

Answer:  Intransitive verb

4) Barsha offered me a nice gift.

Answer:  Transitive verb

5) Little men desire high posts.

Answer:  Transitive verb

Activity 2

Interchange the objects using to or for.

1) The chief guest offered me a prize.

Answer:  The chief guest offered a prize to me.


  1. Fetch me a glass of water.

Answer:  Fetch a glass of water for me.

3) Chumki sent Sunita and Tapan her best wishes.

Answer:  Chumki sent her best wishes to Sunita and Tapan.

4) Trees give us plenty of valuable things.

Answer:  Trees give plenty of valuable things to us.

5) Please bring me the book of the latest edition.

Answer:  Please bring the book of the latest edition for me.

Activity 3

Find out the objects and complements in the following sentences.

1) Sita looks fine.

Answer: Complement- fine

2) Ramababu is a nice gentleman.

Answer: Object- nice

Complement- a gentleman

3) Padminee plays chess.

Answer:  Object-chess

4) Trees grow well in spring.

Answer: Object- spring

Complement- well

5) They are making a plan.

Answer: Object- a plan

6) Rabi is looking at the sky.

Answer: Complement- at the sky

7) He is sitting on a string charpoy.

Answer:  Complement- string charpoy

8) The court rejected her appeal.

Answer: Object- her appeal

9) Her questions often puzzle me.

Answer: Object-often puzzle me

Complement- often

10) I like green vegetables.

Answer: Object- green vegetables

Activity 4

Identify the adjuncts and complements in the following sentences :

1) This pen costs twenty rupees.

Answer:  Complement- twenty rupees

2) My brother usually writes poems.

Answer:  Complement- writes poems

Adjunct- usually

3) Gopabandhu is an eloquent speaker.

Answer:  Complement- speaker

Adjunct – eloquent

4) My friend got first division in the exam.

Answer:  Complement-in the exam

Adjunct- first divison

5) He became weak in a few days.

Answer:  Complement- weak

Adjunct- in a few days

6) Meera appears foolish.

Answer:  Complement- appears

7) The man has ten acres of land in our village.

Answer:  Complement- in our village

Adjunct- ten acres of land

8) He was still in a state of shock.

Answer:  Complement-a state of shock

Adjunct- still

9) The dog is at the front gate.

Answer:  Complement-at the front gate

10) He rejected my proposals outright.

Ans Complement-my proposals

Adjunct- outright

Activity 5

Which Noun Phrases in the following sentences work as objects and which are the complements?

1) Economics is my favourite subject.

Answer:  Complement

2) My friend never tells a lie.

Answer:  Complement

3) An honourable man never betrays his friends.

Answer:  Object

4) We call Gandhiji the Father of Nation.

Answer:  Object

5) Everyone called him Sunny.

Answer:  Complement

6) She gives her children expensive presents.

Answer:  Object

7) The students selected Bakul their monitor.

Answer:  Object

8) My father tasted the curry.

Answer:  Object

9) None but the brave deserves the fair.

Answer:  Object

10) I have a house at Cuttack.

Answer:  Complement

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