The Lost Child Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 1

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The Lost Child Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 1

The Lost Child Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Type

Question 1.

In which season the story is set?


The story is set in the spring season.

Question 2.

What were the people doing?


After coming out of their houses, some were walking, some were being carried in bamboo or bullock Carts.

Question 3.

Why did the child lag behind?


The child got attracted by the toys of the different stall, and he lagged behind from his parents.

Question 4.

What did the child asked from his father?


The child asked a toy from his father.

Question 5.

What is the third reason of the child for lagging behind?


The child again lagged behind because he stopped to see the little insects and worms along the footpath, who were teeming out from their hiding place to enjoy the sunshine.

Question 6.

What did the child start gathering after entering into the grove?


After entering into the grove the child started gathering the falling petals in his hands.

Question 7.

Write the meaning of capers?


It means running in a playful manner.

Question 8.

How could they reach the village fair?


They could reach the village fair by walking through the narrow, winding footpath of the mustard field.

Question 9.

Write the meaning of Throngs?


It means huge crowds.

Question 10.

Write the names of the sweets mentioned in the story?


Here we found sweets like Gulab jamun, rasagulla, burfi, Jalebi.

Question 11.

What was the answer the child tought to get from his parents, if he asked for a balloon?


The thought that his parents would deny to give him balloon by saying that he was too old to play with such toys.

Question 12.

Why did the child not go near to the snake charmer?


The child did not go near to the snake charmer as his parents had warned him not to hear such coarse music.

Question 13.

Finally what did the child requested to do, to his parents?


Finally the child requested to go on the round – about.

Question 14.

What was the ultimate words uttered by the child after being lost?


After being lost he was continuously uttering “I want my mother, I want my father.”

The Lost Child Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Question 1.

His eyes still lingering on the receding toys. Whose eyes?

(A) The child’s

(B) The toy seller’s

(C) The parent’s

(D) Other people

Answer: (A) The child’s

Question 2.

Who become melted by the free spirit of the day?

(A) Mother

(B) Brother

(C) Father

(D) Sister

Answer: (A) Mother

Question 3.

The child’s parents were calling the child from the shade of a –

(A) Grove

(B) Coconut tree

(C) Bush

(D) Banyan tree

Answer:  (A) Grove

Question 4.

The child heard the sound of __________ inside the grove.

(A) Doves

(B) Parrots

(C) Crows

(D) Cocks

Answer: (A) Doves

Question 5.

The child was capering around the –

(A) Banyan tree

(B) Mango tree

(C) Coconut tree

(D) Jamun tree

Answer: (A) Banyan tree

Question 6.

The child’s favourite sweets was –

(A) Gulab Jamun

(B) Rasagulla

(C) Burfi

(D) Jalebi

Answer: (C) Burfi

Question 7.

The flower seller was selling the garland of –

(A) Rose

(B) Gulmohur

(C) Jasmine

(D) Lily

Answer: (B) Gulmohur

The Lost Child Extra Questions and Answers Short Type (02/ 03 Marks)

Question 1.

What did the child find in the vast field?


The child saw a vast mustard field, looking like – flowing streams of gold. There he saw a group of dragonflies, black bees and butterflies buzzing around and sucking the sweet nectar of the flowers.

Question 2.

What was the reaction of the child after being lost?


When the child found himself lost he started crying deeply. His throat had become dry and felt a sudden jerk in his body. He was shouting and calling his mother and father. He was actually in a real fear and tears were rolling down from his eyes. His yellow turban came untied, his clothes become muddy and his flushed face was convulsed with fear as he was too much panic stricken and running here and there. After some time he gave up and the cries turned into mild sobs.

Question 3.

Who found the lost child and from where? What did he do to divert his mind?


A strange man found the lost child from the temple door.

To divert the mind of the lost child the strange man took him to all that places, which once attracted the child. He took him to the snake charmer first, then one by one to the balloon seller, flower seller, sweet seller but his all attempts got failed. The child only wanted his mother father back.

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