The Last Leaf Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 7

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The Last Leaf Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 7

The Last Leaf Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Type

(Q1) What were the name of two young artists?

Answer:- The name of the two young artists were à SVE and Johnsy.

(Q2) What happened to Johnsy?

Answer:- Johnsy got pneumonia and was unable to more from her bed.

(Q3) Which plant was there outside of their window?

Answer:- There was an ivy creeper plant outside of their window.

(Q4) How many leaves were there in the tree three days ago?

Answer:- The were almost hundred leaves in the tree three days ago.

(Q5) What was Johnsy watching through the window?

Answer:- Johnsy was watching the falling leaves from the IVY creeper tree through the window.

(Q6) why was it natural for the creeper to shed its leaves?

Answer:- It was Autumn and it was natural for the creeper to shed its leave.

(Q7) What was Johnsy’s thought?

Answer:- Johnsy believed that she would die after the fall of the last leaf of the tree.

(Q8) What would Sue do with her painting?

Answer:- Sue would sell it to get money for them.

(Q9) What was Sue painting?

Answer:- Sue was painting and old miner.

(Q10) Who was his model?

Answer:- Their neighbor Behrman was his model.

(Q11) Who was Behrman?

Answer:- Behrman was a 60 years old painter who had aspired to paint a masterpiece. He was also a neighbor of Sue and Johnsy, lived in the ground floor of their house.

(Q12) “I heard the wind last night – I thought it would have fallen” – Who was the speaker and what is “it” referred to here?

Answer:- Johnsy had uttered these words.

Here “it” referred to the last leaf of the IVY creeper tree.

(Q13) What was Behram’s masterpiece?

Answer:- The last fallen IVY leaf drown by Behran for Johnsy was his masterpiece.

(Q14) What had made Johnsy realize her mistake?

Answer:- The last leaf made Johnsy realized her mistake.

The Last Leaf Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type

(Q1) Johnsy fell seriously ill in the month of –

(a) November

(b) October

(c) December

(d) August

Answer:- (a) November.

(Q2) Leaves were left in the IVY creeper tree, according to Johnsy.

(a) Ten

(b) Five

(c) Four

(d) Six

Answer:- (b) Five.

(Q3) It was —- season.

(a) Summer

(b) Winter

(c) Autumn

(d) Rainy

Answer:- (c) Autumn.

(Q4) Johnsy compared herself with poor tired –

(a) Man

(b) Leaf

(c) Flower

(d) Woman

Answer:- (b) Leaf.

(Q5) Behrman lived on the —- floor of the house.

(a) First floor

(b) Second floor

(c) Ground floor

(d) Third floor

Answer:- (c) Ground floor.

(Q6) Sue gave Johnsy —- and —–.

(a) Soupand mirror

(b) Fruits and soup

(c) Soup and food

(d) Dress and food

Answer:- (a) Soupand mirror.

(Q7) Behram was also suffering from –

(a) Fever

(b) Pneumonia

(c) Small pox

(d) Cold

Answer:- (b) Pneumonia.

The Last Leaf Extra Questions and Answers Short Type

(Q1) What were the things tried by Sue to make Johnsy happy?

Answer:- To make Johnsy happy and to divert his mind from illness Sue started discussing about clothes and fashions with her. She started painting into Johnsy’s drawing board and was also whistling while doing that.

(Q2) What was Sue and Behrman found after going to Johnsy’s room.

Answer:- After entering to Johnsy’s room they saw Johnsy was sleeping. Sue drew the curtain of the window and went o the next room. Through the window they saw, there was heavy rain with strong cold winds outside and the last dry leaf of the IVY creeper tree was about to fall.

(Q3) How was Behram died?

Answer:- Behram died of Pneumonia. He was making the last leaf for Johnsy. It was his masterpiece. To drew that he spent two nights outside the house under the storm and heavy rain. First night the javitor found him on his bed with wet clothes and shoes and he was shivering. Next day a ladder, a lantern some brushes and green yellow paints on the floor were also found. He started his painting of last from that night only when the original last leaf had fallen. He wanted to make realise Johnsy the importance of life by sacrificing his own life.

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