The Bond of Love Extra Questions and Answers English Beehive Chapter 9

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The Bond of Love Extra Questions and Answers English Beehive Chapter 9

The Bond of Love Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Type

Question 1.

Who is the writer of the story “The bond of love”?

Answer: The story “The bond of love” was written by Kenneth Anderson.

Question 2.

Who was Bruno?

Answer:  Bruno was the name of the narrator’s wife’s pet sloth bear.

Question 3.

From where did the narrator get the bear?

Answer: The narrator got the bear from Mysore.

Question 4.

Write the meaning of Prostrate?


It means lying on the ground facing downwards.

Question 5.

Write the meaning of Christened?


It means “named it”.

Question 6.

Write the meaning of condiments?


It means spices.

Question 7.

What was the first thing Bruno had among the food items?


Bruno had milk first.

Question 8.

Where did the narrator put the baby bear after catching it?


The narrator put inside the gunny bag after catching it.

Question 9.

Where was narrator home?


Narrator’s home was in Bangalore.

Question 10.

With whom the baby bear got attached in narrator’s house and his surroundings?


The baby bear soon attached with the narrator’s two Alsatian dogs and to all children of the of the tenants living in his bungalow.

Question 11.

What did Bruno drink mistakenly?


Bruno drank poison (Barium Carbonate) kept for the rats and mice.

Question 12.

What happened to Bruno after having the poison?


Bruno got paralysed, started vomiting, breathing heavily and was struggling to move. Its mouth was remained open.

Question 13.

What is Studebaker?


It is a old American car.

Question 14.

What did narrator’s wife used to call the baby bear instead of Bruno?


The narrator’s wife changed his name from Bruno to “Baba”.

Question 15.

What was the advice given to narrator’s wife from everybody?


The narrator, his son and friends advice her to give Bruno or Baba to the Zoo of Mysore, because he was getting too big to keep at home.

The Bond of Love Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type

Question 1.

The name of the bear was –

(A) Tommy

(B) Jimmy

(C) Bruno

(D) Micco

Answer: (C) Bruno

Question 2.

The narrator and his friend were passing through –

(A) Cornfield

(B) Wheatfield

(C) Sugarcane field

(D) Rice field

Answer: (C) Sugarcane field

Question 3.

At last they able to grab the baby bear with the help of –

(A) Rope

(B) Scruff

(C) Net

(D) String

Answer: (B) Scruff

Question 4.

The poison for the rats and mice was kept into the –

(A) Library

(B) Storeroom

(C) Bedroom

(D) Kitchen

Answer: (A) Library

Question 5.

Another time Bruno found nearly one gallon of –

(A) Engine oil

(B) Petrol

(C) Fortune oil

(D) Refine oil

Answer: (A) Engine oil

Question 6.

Baba is a –

(A) Assamese word

(B) Bangladeshi word

(C) Arabian word

(D) Hindustani word

Answer: (D) Hindustani word

Question 7.

Baba means –

(A) Small girl

(B) Big boy

(C) Small boy

(D) Big girl

Answer: (C) Small boy

Question 8.

Bruno was sent to the Zoo of –

(A) Bangalore

(B) Chennai

(C) Mysore

(D) Delhi

Answer: (C) Mysore

The Bond of Love Extra Questions and Answers Short Type

Question 1.

How did the narrator get the bear “Bruno”?


Two years before the story was written, the narrator and his friend were passing through the sugarcane field of Mysore, where they saw that the farmers were driving away the wild pigs from the field by shooting on them. Before finishing this episode, suddenly a sloth bear arrived over there and out of fear one of narrator’s friends killed her by shooting. After the death of the bear they had noticed a baby bear on the back of the mother bear. They catched it and the narrator gifted it to his wife. After knowing that the baby bear was a boy, his wife named it “Bruno”.

Question 2.

What were the things Bruno used to have in his food list?


Bruno started having everything as his food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, curry and rice regardless of condiments and chillies, bread, eggs, chocolates, sweets, pudding, ice cream etc. Again he started drinking milk, tea, coffee, lime juice, aerated water, butter milk, beer, alcoholic liquor etc.

Question 3.

What incident happened with Bruno in the library?


One day Bruno entered the library and drank the poison, kept to kill rats and mice. He got paralysed and could not stand on his feet. Still he reached to narrator’s wife, who called the narrator for the help. And finally he was taken to a veterinary doctor. The doctor injected two antidotes to make the condition stable. Ten minutes later Bruno’s breathing eased and after thirty minutes he started having foods.

Question 4.

What were the tricks Bruno used to do with narrator’s wife?


Bruno used to wrestle the person and overpower him when he was told “Baba wrestle” or “Baba box” by the narrator’s wife. When she commanded “Baba hold gun”, he would point a stick at the person, as if ready to shoot him. When she asked “Baba, where‘s baby? He would take out a piece of wood and cradle it affectionately like a baby.

Question 5.

How can we conclude that animals have emotions too? Explain.


After reaching to Mysore Zoo Bruno started refusing food and drink like narrator’s wife as they missing each other so much. Soon he become very thin and he always looked sad. After three months when narrator’s wife visited to the Zoo, not only Bruno recognised her, he started screaming with happiness. They spent three hours together and finally when time came for narrator’s wife to leave the Zoo, both of the m started crying bitterly. All these incidents show that animals too have emotions like human beings.

Question 6.

What were the preparations done by narrator’s wife and other family members to welcome Bruno back?


They appointed a squad of coolies to make twenty feet long and fifteen feet Wide Island for Bruno in their backyard as he was a full grown bear, who had to keep isolated. The island was surrounded by a dry pit which was six feet wide and seven feet deep for the safety of the surrounded people. A wooden box for his sleeping, straw to keep him warm, the piece of wood which Bruno cradled like a baby and the stick that he used to point a gun were placed on the island.

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