The Beggar Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 10

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The Beggar Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 10

The Beggar Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Type:

Question 1.

Who is the writer of the story “The Beggar?


“The Beggar” was written by Anton Chekov.

Question 2.

What is copecks?


copecks is a one rupee Russian coin.

Question 3.

What was the profession of the Beggar before?


The Beggar was a school teacher before.

Question 4.

What was the name of the Advocate?


The name of the Advocate was Sergei.

Question 5.

From where did the Beggar get the offer of a job?


The beggar got a job from the state of Kaluga in Russia.

Question 6.

Where did the advocate meet with the beggar a day before yesterday?


The Advocate met with the beggar in Sadovya Street a day before yesterday.

Question 7.

What was the actual profession of the beggar?


The beggar was a singer in a Russian choir.

Question 8.

Why was the beggar sent away from the singing choir?


The beggar was sent away from the singing choir because of his drinking habit.

Question 9.

What was the name of Sergei’s cook?


The name of the Sergei’s cook was Olga.

Question 10.

When did the beggar get the permission to come for cutting the wood into the house of Sergi?


The beggar got the permission to come on the first day of every month for cutting the wood into the house of Sergei.

Question 11.

Write the meaning of Waif?


Waif is a person who does not have home.

Question 12.

When was the beggar feeling embarrassed?


When the other carters were making fun of him for his idleness, feebleness and his tattered, fancy overcoat, he was felling embarrassed.

Question 13.

What was the name of the beggar?


The name of the beggar was Lushkoff.

Question 14.

What was the cleaner employment given to Lushkoff by Sergi?


Sergei sent Lushkoff to his friend, who would given him some copy work.

Question 15.

After two years what was the profession of Lushkoff?


After two years Lushkoff became a notary.

Question 16.

Who was actually responsible for the success of Lushkoff?


Olaga the cook of Sergei was actually responsible for the success of Lushkoff.

The Beggar Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type:

Question 1.

The beggar had not eaten for –

(A) Three days

(B) Five Days

(C) Two Days

(D) Sic Days

Answer: (A) Three days

Question 2.

The beggar was a village school teacher for _____ long Years.

(A) Ten

(b) Eight

(C) Twelve

(D) Six

Answer: (b) Eight

Question 3.

At Sadovya street the beggar introduced himself to the Advocate as a –

(A) Teacher

(B) Business person

(C) Student

(D) Service man

Answer: (C) Student

Question 4.

Sergei offered the beggar the work of a –

(A) Wood cutter

(b) Shopkeeper

(C) Carpenter

(D) Shoemaker

Answer: (A) Wood cutter

Question 5.

Olga took the beggar to the –

(A) Backyard

(B) Cowshed

(C) Kitchen

(D) Wood- Shed

Answer: (D) Wood- Shed

Question 6.

Sergei paid the beggar ____ for his work.

(A) Half Rouble

(B) One Rouble

(C) Two Rouble

(d) Three Rouble

Answer:  (A) Half Rouble

Question 7.

Sergei met Lushkoff after two years at –

(A) Ticket counter of a theatre

(B) Shopping mall

(C) Own house

(D) Market

Answer: (A) Ticket counter of a theatre

Question 8.

After getting the job as a notary his salary was ______ Rouble /month

(A) Fifty

(B) Twenty five

(C) Thirty five

(D) Ten

Answer: (C) Thirty five

The Beggar Extra Questions and Answers Short Type:

Question 1.

Describe the appearance of the beggar seen by the Advocate Sergei?


The beggar was wearing fawn coloured overcoat and his eyes were dull and darken. There was a red spot on his both cheeks. His both shoe were of different size.

Question 2.

Why was the beggar not getting strength for the work? Why did he do the work finally?


The beggar was not getting strength and energy for the work because he was hungry and drunk.

He did the work finally as he promised to Sergei. He had been trapped by his own word and out of shame he did it.

Question 3.

After getting confidence and earning half a Rouble, What were the works the beggar participated?


On the first month the beggar earned half a rouble and became energetic towards a work. After that every time work was found there for him in the yard. Removal of snow, putting the wood- shed in order, removing the dust out of rugs and mattresses were the works he received. He also got the chance to help Sergei in moving furniture to the new house.

Question 4.

Describe the appearance of Lushkoff after two years, when Sergei met with him at the ticket counter of a theatre?


After two years Sergei met with Lushkoff at the ticket counter of a theatre. He was awestrucked to see the new appearance of Lushkoff. There was no sign of beggary. He was well dressed now and wearing fur colour coat with sealskin cap. He became notary by profession and earned thirty five Roubles per month.

Question 5.

Who was really responsible for Lushkoff’s trance formation and success and how?


Though Sergei helped Lushkoff a lot to pull him out from the darkness but Olga, the cook of Sergei, was actually responsible for his trance formation and success. She used to insult him, called him miserable creature, unlucky man, drunkard, unhappy fellow. Her negative comments always gave him indulgence to work better and prove himself. She suffered a lot and shaded many tears for his sale. She used to chop woods for him. Lushkoff changed only to owe her words and noble deeds. Because of her change took place in his heart.

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