The Adventures of Toto Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 2

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The Adventures of Toto Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 2

The Adventures of Toto Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Type:

Question: 1

Who was Toto?


Toto was a naughty monkey.

Question: 2

From where did the grandfather buy Toto, the monkey?


Grandfather bought Toto, the monkey from a Tonga driver.

Question: 3

Why did the writer’s grandfather buy Toto from the Tonga driver?


The writer’s grandfather bought Toto from the Tonga driver to rich the collection of his private zoo.

Question: 4

Why did the writer and his grandfather decide to keep the news of Toto a secret from his grandmother?


The writer’s grandmother was against the grandfather’s nature of bringing new pets-bird and animals to the house. Because of this the writer and his grandfather decided to keep the news of Toto a secret from her.

Question: 5

Where did they keep Toto after bringing him?


They kept Toto little closet of the writer’s bedroom.

Question: 6

What were the other animals stayed with the monkey in the grandfather’s zoo?


There was a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a squirrel and a writer’s pet goat stayed with the monkey in the grandfather’s zoo.

Question: 7

Where did the writer’s grandfather go to collect his pension?


The writer’s grandfather went to Saharanpur to collect his pension.

Question: 8

What is turnstile?


It is a mechanical gate with revolving horizontal arm. It allows only one person at a time to pass through.

Question: 9

How much rupees grandfather had to pay for Toto’s ticket?


Grandfather had to pay RS.3 for Toto’s ticket.

Question: 10

Who was the companion of Toto in the writer’s grandfather’s house?


Family donkey Nana was the companion of Toto in the writer’s grandfather’s house.

Question: 11

What was a great treat for Toto?


During winter evening a large bowl of warm water given by the grandmother for his bath was a great treat for Toto.

Question: 12

What was taken by Toto from the lunch table?


Toto has taken a dish full of rice from the lunch table.

Question: 13

Where did the grandfather sell Toto again?


Grandfather sold Toto to the same Tonga driver.

Question: 14

Why was Toto sold to the Tonga driver?


Writer’s grandfather finally understood that Toto was not suitable to keep at the house as he was continuously making the family face losses by breaking dishes, tearing clothes, curtains etc. For that Toto finally sold to the Tonga driver.

The Adventures of Toto Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type:

Question: 1

Toto was bought under the cost of —-

(a) Rs. 5

(b) Rs. 500

(c) Rs. 100

(d) Rs. 10


(a) Rs. 5.

Question: 2

Toto was bought by the writer’s —–

(a) Grandfather

(b) Father

(c) Grandmother

(d) Brother


(a) Grandfather.

Question: 3

The colour of the monkey was—-

(a) Brown

(b) Black

(c) Yellow

(d) Red


(d) Red.

Question: 4

Toto was shifted to the —

(a) Big Box

(ii) Forest

(iii) Servent quarter

(iv) Big closet


(c) Servent quarter.

Question: 5

Toto was mistaken as a —- by the ticket collector —-

(a) Dog

(b) Rabbit

(c) Cat

(d) Lamb


(a) Dog.

Question: 6

The name of the family donkey was —-

(a) Nina

(b) Micco

(c) Nana

(d) Dincco


(c) Nana.

Question: 7

Writer and his family found Toto in the branch of —– tree with a dish fall of rice.

(a) Mango

(b) Jackfruit

(c) Jamun

(d) Apple


(b) Jackfruit.

The Adventures of Toto Extra Questions and Answers Short Type:

Question: 1

Describe the appearance of Toto.


Toto was a red coloured little monkey. He had beautiful, sparkled eyes with full of mischief. His eyesbrows were deeply set and had teeth like pearls. His hands were dry and wrinkled like dried vegetables and pickle. He had a long tail, which added extra point to his good look according to the writer’s grandfather.

Question: 2

Why Toto’s tail was considered as his third hand?


Toto’s tail was considered as his third hand as he could use it to hang from a branch and he could also use it to lift object which were beyond his hand’s reach.

Question: 3

What have Toto done to escape from his binding inside the closet?


To escape from the binding inside the closet Toto had tarn all decorative wall papers and broken the hook. Then he had tied all the torn pieces of the writer’s blazer to make a rope and used it to escape from the window.

Question: 4

How was Toto taken to Saharanpur?


Toto was taken to Saharanpur in a big black canvas kit bag. The canvas was too strong for him to bite and get rid out of it. The bag had a zipper on the top. Grandfather put some grasses in the bottom of the bag.

Question: 5.)

Where did Grandfather buy Toto from and why?

Ans- Grandfather bought Toto from a Tonga-driver to provide him a good shelter.

Question: 6.)

Describe Toto the monkey that Grandfather bought from the tonga-driver.)

Ans- It was mischievous, always disturbed other animals in Grandfather’s private zoo. It used to take bath in warm water with soaps. It used to tear cloths and dresses with its teeth, destroy wallpapers, curtains, break crockery items also used to steal foods.

Question: 7.)

Why did the narrator and his Grandfather hide Toto?

Ans- They hid toto to keep its presence secret from grandmother.

Question: 8.)

How did Toto manage to escape from the closet?

Ans- Toto removed the fastened peg into the wall, removed the wallpaper, torn a school blazer and with the torn pieces it made a rope to escape from the window

Question: 9.)

Where did Grandfather hide Toto after his escape from the closet?

Ans- After his escape from the closet Toto was transferred to a big cage in the servants’ quarters where a number of Grandfather’s pets lived very sociably together.

Question: 10.)

Why did Grandfather decide to take Toto to Saharanpur?

Ans- Toto was taken to Saharanpur because he used to disturb other animals in the cage at night.

Question: 11.)

How did Grandfather take Toto to Saharanpur?

Ans- Grandfather took Toto inside a big black canvas bag with some straws lying underneath.

Question: 12.)

Why did Grandfather have to pay three rupees to the Ticket-Collector?

Ans- At Saharanpur, when Toto peeked from bag, he was classified a dog by the ticket-collector; and three rupees was the sum handed over as his fare.


The Adventures of Toto Extra Questions and Answers Long Type:

1.) Describe Toto the monkey that Grandfather bought from the tonga-driver.

Ans- Grandfather bought a baby monkey from a tonga-driver for five rupees and added it to the zoo. This new pet was called Toto. He was a pretty monkey with bright and mischievous eyes. He was so naughty that he would frighten people by showing his white teeth. He had dry hands with quick fingers and he would use his tail as his third hand.

2.) Do you think Grandmother was a keen lover like his Grandfather? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans- Grandmother was different from his grandfather. She did not like animals, whereas his grandfather was an animal lover. She always fussed when his grandfather brought home some new birds or animals.

3.) Did Toto and Nana become friends? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans- Toto was too naughty and didn’t let Nana sleep, causing discomfort for Nana and other animals. As a result, Toto and Nana never became friends.

4.) “Toto was a pretty monkey”. Explain

Ans- Toto was a good-looking monkey with mischievous bright eyes and pearly white teeth that often showed in a smile that frightened elderly Anglo-Indian ladies. Though his hands looked dry and pickled, his fingers were nimble, and his tail was a helpful third hand, capable of grabbing anything out of his reach

5.) Mention the animals that were kept in Grandfather’s private zoo?

Ans- Grandfather’s private zoo had the following animals: Toto the monkey, Nana the donkey, a pair of rabbits, a tortoise, a tame squirrel and a goat.

6.) Discuss the incident that took place at the railway station?

Ans- When Grandfather reached the station, Toto started jumping inside the canvas bag and everyone was surprised to see a bag jumping and moving about. When the ticket collector came then Toto poked his head out of the bag. TTE thought it was a dog and accordingly charged a ticket from grandfather.

7.) How does Toto take bath? Where has he learnt to do this?

Ans- At the time of bathing, Toto firstly check the temperature of the water with his hands and gradually steps into the bathtub. He steps with one foot followed by the other until the water is up to his neck. Then he would take the soap and rub himself with it. Once the water turned cold he would run out quickly to the kitchen-fire to make him dry.

He has learnt to do it by watching the narrator doing the same.

8.)  How does Toto almost boil/himself alive?

Ans- One cold day, Toto thought of taking hot bath. He found a large kitchen kettle that had been kept for boiling tea. Toto decided to remove the lid and get in. He sat inside with his head sticking out from the open kettle until the water began to boil. He raised himself when it was too hot but on finding the outside too cold he went right back into the kettle. This continued for quite a while until Grandmother hauled him out of the kettle

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