Tense Class 6 English Grammar Worksheet

Tense Class 6 English Grammar Worksheet

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Worksheet 1

1.) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs. (10 marks)

a.) The sun ___________ (rise) in the east.

b.) Ravi  ___________ (eat) a sandwich for dinner last night.

c.) The school concert ___________ (begin) at 11 am next Friday.

d.) Sri ___________ (not finish) her project yet.

e.) The kids ___________ (play) football in the school field.

f.) Aditya ___________ (play) video games all day before he went to bed.

g.) I ___________ (live) in Kolkata for ten years by next year.

h.) Shreyansh ___________ (compete) in the championship tomorrow.

i.) I _________ (not/enjoy) the concert because my friend was not there.

j.) _________ Aditi ________ (suffer) from fever due to the vaccination?

2.) Identify the type of tense in the following sentences. (10 Marks)

a.) Ravi knows how to play tennis.

b.) I have eaten my food already.

c.) Akash and Shivani have been living in Chennai for more than 2 years.

d.) I had been waiting for the school bus for more than 30 minutes.

e.) I did not enjoy the movie as I thought I would.

f.) Ramesh will have graduated as a topper from college by the end of the year.

g.) Are you still doing your homework?

h.) Mr Manish always explains the sum very clearly.

i.) I will not be coming to the meeting tomorrow.

j.) Will you be attending the wedding of your friend?

3.) Convert the following sentences as per instructions. (10 Marks)

a.) Rahul is doing his homework. (Simple Past)

b.) I have visited Delhi twice. (Present Perfect Continuous)

c.) I read an article yesterday. (Simple Present)

d.) Ravi had been playing football for an hour before it started raining.(Past Perfect Continuous)

e.) Simi has been practising for the concert for weeks. (Present perfect)

f.) Ishan and Anchita will have been friends for 20 years next month. (Simple Past)

g.) We will visit the temple in the evening. (Future Continuous)

h.) I will be working late tonight. (Simple Future)

i.) Koyel went to Chandigarh last year. (Present Perfect)

j.) Ravi finished his work on time last day. (Present Perfect)

4.) Rewrite the following passage in Past Tense. Use all types of Past Tense. (10 Marks)

During the summer vacation, my family and I will go for a trip to the backwaters of Kerala. We have been planning on going for this trip since last summer. I have always wanted to visit Kerala. It is one of the most beautiful states in our country. As the day of departure is coming closer I am getting more excited about the things I will see in the state. We have developed an itinerary for our trip in Kerala. We will go on a boat ride among the famous backwaters of Kerala. We will be seeing the beauty of the state unvarnished. We have also planned to visit several archaeological sites in the state. It will be an amazing opportunity for me to know more about my country and get a better understanding of it. I will cherish this experience forever.

Worksheet 2

1.) Convert the following sentences as per the instructions. (10 marks)

a.) Raghu is driving a car. (Simple Present Tense)

b.) I have not seen Shalini since last Friday. (Simple Past Tense)

c.) The Guptas are travelling to Dibrugarh. (Past Continuous Tense)

d.) I went to Kerala last Summer. (Simple Future Tense)

e.) The catering ensured that there will be no shortage of snacks. (Simple Past)

f.) Shaurya had never lived alone. (Present Perfect)

g.) Will she be visiting the party? (present Continuous)

  1. Ria did not know anything. (Simple Present)

i.) Sachin ran as fast as he could. (Future Continuous)

j.) Simi helps her mother with her work. (Simple Past)

2.) Identify the type of tense in the following sentences. (10 Marks)

a.) Rami is talking to his mother.

b.) I have been waiting for you.

c.) Soumya writes with her left hand.

d.) I have learnt my lesson.

e.) Rajiv had his breakfast before leaving for school.

f.) The Chief Minister was invited for the conference.

g.) I have been walking for 30 minutes.

h.) Archit is waiting for Ishan at the train station.

  1. I had sought the permission of the principal.

j.) I have been learning Mathematics.

3.) Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verbs. (10 Marks)

a.)  I ___________ (live) in Chennai when the flooding began.

b.) The bus _________ (leave) before we got there.

c.) He ________ (fall) while ________ (run) on the road.

d.) Shyam _______ (look) out the window.

e.) He _________ (injure) in the line of duty.

f.) I __________ (saw) the Taj Mahal when I _________ (visit) Agra.

g.) The baby _________ (cry) because he was hungry.

h.) Mr Manish ________ (teach) accountancy to class 12 students.

i.) Riya ________ (write) a novel last year.

j.) They _________ (leave) when he arrived.

4.) Provide sentences for the following situations. (10 Marks)

a.) Something that happened in the past.

b.) An action that was done before a past action.

c.) An action that starts in the past but continues to present.

d.) A future event that will be happening at a given moment.

e.) An action that will have been ongoing up to a certain point in the future.

f.) Something that is happening now

g.) An action completed in the past.

h.) A planned action in the future.

i.) An action that will be completed at a certain time in the future.

j.) An action that happened in the past but has a relation to the present situation.

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