Telangana SCERT Class 8 Social Studies Solution Chapter 5 The Polar Regions

Telangana SCERT Solution Class VIII (8) Social Studies Chapter 5 The Polar Regions.

1.) Do you agree with the following statements?

Give reasons for your agreement or disagreement.

  • The notion of private property is important to protect the forest.


I agree with the above statement because the increase in urbanization has caused rural area to reduce and forest area to great extents as people settle down here building there private property by destroying the forest.

  • All forests need to be protected by human beings.


I agree because Forest provides human with the minerals, raw materials, and most importantly oxygen that means in order to survive we need forest and it should be protected by us.

  • Over the centuries most people living on earth have reduced their dependence on forest for their livelihood


I agree with the statement because by time technology has changed   and dependence on forest for livelihood as changed people don’t anymore live in forest to seek shelter they have build proper houses.

Event ChangesAffecting tribal life Impact on forest
1.Emergence of agriculture The tribals changed their traditional foods, and began to grow crops like cereals, grains etc. As the tribals started shifting to agriculture crop cultivation. Forest land changed as agricultural land, but they took care to ensure that they didn’t effect the biodiversity.
2.Arrival of the colonial rules The tribal lost their control and rights over the forests. The colonial laws restricted the  rights of tribal and uses of forests so they became homeless . Forests were under the control of Britishers and land was handed over to farmers and zamindars. They consumed much wood for there industries development.
3.Government rules Till date these tribal people are suffering the same problems as the Govt. still follows the same policy  and nothing as change from the colonial rule. In 1988, the government declared National Forest Policy. To protect the tribalsand regeneration of forests.

4.) Observe the map of the forests in Telangana and find out which district (s) has/have the maximum forest covered area?


In Telangana the District of Adilabad has largest area under forest.

In terms of percentage area under forest:

  • Khammam stands 1st with 48.9% of total geographical area under forests,
  • Adilabad stands 2nd with 44.9%,
  • Warangal stands 3rd  with 28.88%.

5.) A few children in a school participated in Vanamahothsavam programme and they planted some saplings. How would you respond to this?


I would be proud of this Children as they are the future of our nation this gesture by this children of planting the sampling should be set an as example for our society. The children’s participation in this brightens the future of the country and to survival of our next generation.

6.) Read the paragraph under the Heading ‘Forests of Telangana’ and answer the question?


About 26,904 sq kilometres of the region has been declared as forests by the government but only 7% are forest lands which are open grounds and with very few trees so the Telangana Government initiated massive plantation programme in 2015 with the aim to increase the forest cover which is aimed to plant about 230 crore saplings in four years time. The increased plantation  helps in high rainfall and abundant water sources. It also prevents soil erosion. So government is seriously focused on plantation of saplings. The preservation, restoration and improvement of the natural and social environment is the major issue all over the world.We destroyed and we have to payback in order to maintain a proper biodiversity we need to plant more sampling.

7.) What is the difference between Evergreen forests and Deciduous forests?


The differences are;

  • Evergreen grows regions which get very high rainfall and have a very warm climate whereas Deciduous grows in regions where it rains in only some months and is warm and dry during most of the year.
  • Evergreen trees shed their leaves at different times of the year whereas deciduous trees have a particular time for their leaves to shed.
  • Evergreen forests are found in Andaman and Nicobar Island whereas Deciduous forests are found in Madhya Pradesh ,Uttar Pradesh Bihar.
  • Important evergreen trees areJamun, canes, bamboos, kadam and the Important deciduous trees are Vegi, Ageisamaddi, Gittegi, Neem, Teak.

8.) Observe the pictures on page 59 and write a comment.


The Human being have grown selfish and greedy by time they are never satisfied with what they have they want more and more. Earlier we used to live in the jungle/forest in harmony with the animals and plants but as we evolved we started destroying this jungles in order to urbanize it and the animals who were free are now under fences. In order to support the biodiversity trees and animals play a major role and if we destroy them there is no chance for the future generation to survive. We need to understand this is not just our world but also theirs (animals & plants) too.

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