Telangana SCERT Class 8 Social Studies Solution Chapter 4 The Polar Regions

Telangana SCERT Solution Class VIII (8) Social Studies Chapter 4 The Polar Regions.

1.) Re-write the false statements with correct ones:

a) Animal body parts were used only in clothing.



Animal body parts were not only used in clothing but also for food, sleeping bags , construction of houses and in making weapons.

b) Major part of the food includes vegetables.



Meat, fat and fish are the major part of the food as due to cold weather Vegetables are scarce.

c) Popular games amongst the people in Tundra are closely related to their daily lives.



d) Contact with people from outside impacted Eskimos health.



2.) Based on what you studied about equator regions in Class VII, how is polar region different?


The Sun’s rays fall slantingly on this region so there are two main seasons.Formation of day and night occurs in one year.The people of this region lead nomadic life and have less contacts with rest of the world. Meat, fat and fish are the major part of the food as due to cold weather Vegetables are scarce

3.) What are the ways in which life of people in Tundra are dependent on climate of the region? Describe in the context of following aspects


  • Food

Vegetables and Grains can’t be grown here due to extreme cold weather so mostly people here are depend on meat and fish which they hunt. They don’t cook the food they eat it raw. They store the food in the frozen ice for long winter months.

  • Travel

They need vehicles which are wide in shape to travel in ice. So they build Vehicles called sledges to travel. These are drawn by polar dogs. They use kayaks and umiaks to travel in waters and now they have motor boats

  • Shelter

In Eskimos language shelter means igloois a kind of house, not really the dome shaped snow-houses that many people associate with the word. The mostly live in tents made of animals made of animal skins and also they construct houses of ice blocks. They make sleeping bags out of the skins of animal they hunted.

4.) Create a wall paper with illustrations and descriptions comparing life with between your location and with that of Tundra.


The differences are

  • Day and night occur daily in our location and in tundra region day & night occurs once in a year.
  • Temperature are high/hot in our region whereas it’s very cold/low in the tundra region .
  • We can find trees everywhere around our location and in the tundra due to extreme weather we only find bushes.
  • People here have a permanent house and people in tundra go from place to place living a nomadic life.
  • People in our location go to bazar to buy our food for our daily needs and in tundra region people eat what they hunt like fish and polar bear meat.

5.) Imagine one entire day (24 hours) when the sun does not set and another day when there is no sun. What changes will this make in your daily lives? Write a short note on them.


When the Sun does not set: We won’t know when is the night time it will feel like a long 24 hour daylight which will cause a lot of confusion with the time of the day. In order to sleep we have to shut all doors and windows and try to make the room dark to sleep.

When there is no Sun: This will cause a lot of problem with what time of the day it is and doing our daily activity will be tough as there will be no light/ray from the sun. In order to do any kind of work we need arrange lights probably flood lights to get light everywhere by the use of lamps or electricity.

Our lives will complete change and this is possible for only one day.

6.) Find out the living places of Eskimos in the world map.


The places where the Eskimos live are

  • Greenland,
  • Alaska,
  • Canada,
  • Siberia,
  • Lapland.
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