Telangana SCERT Class 8 Social Studies Solution Chapter 11 National Movement – The Early Phase 1885-1919

Telangana SCERT Solution Class VIII (8) Social Studies Chapter 11 National Movement – The Early Phase 1885-1919.

1.) Correct the false statements:

a.) In the early phase of Indian National Congress, it included only people from Bombay.



Indian National Congress include people from all over India.

 b.) Indian industrialists began to establish companies in different parts of India.



The British industrialists began to establish companies in different parts of India.

c.) People in India expected that India would become democratic after the First World War.



2.) Write an imaginary dialogue between the extremist and moderate activists of Indian National Congress in the context of their a) main demands; and b) mode of mobilisation.


The dialogue are as follow:

Moderates: We will request them to increase our representation in our Imperial Legislative Council, Indian should be given more power, and introduced in provinces where none existed.

Extremists: Why should we request them? It’s our country our Choice we need not request them. We should send them out from our country and make our own decision.

Moderates: We shouldn’t come to violence we need to protestto make them leave our country. We should maintain peace and harmony.

Extremists: We cannot have independence with the policy of pray, petition and protest.Let us unite together and fight and also take the problem to the public to have their support.

Moderates: okay let us join our hands for the future of our country.

3.) After reading this chapter, Mariamma thinks that the early phase of national movement was largely participated by educated Indians. And many of their ideas were of western origin. Would you agree with her? Give reasons.


Yes I agree with Mariamma that the early phase of national movement was largely participated by educated Indians because earlier uneducated Indians where mistreated by the foreigners but after our people got educated they started protesting against this inequalities and injustices of the old social system. The Educated Indians found out that there country is being looted and exploited  by the foreign countries and fought to end it. Thus they sprouted the nationalism in the minds of common people.

4.) Why was it important to understand the economic impact of British rule in India?


It was important to understand the economic impact of British rule in India because they were draining our resources and our crafts lost their status and our countrymen where getting poor and poor this exploitation by the British were reasons for our poverty.

5.) What do you understand by swadeshi? What were the major areas of its impact?


Swadeshi means boycotting foreign goods and encouraging the use of goods& services made in our own country.

The majors areas impacted are:

  • Judicial
  • Political & Social areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Foreign trade
  • Business (national trade)
  • Education
  • Cultural

 6.) How did different parts of the country and people respond to division of Bengal?


Before the division: The Nationalists immediately saw this as a political act by the government to divide the Bengali people and also weaken the national movement. Even the ordinary people of Bengal were enraged by this act and took to streets to protest against it there were massive protests, petitions and campaigns.

After the partition: Indian people started Boycotting foreign product  and public burning of foreign cloth, picketing of shops selling foreign goods became common in remote corners as well as in many important towns and cities throughout the country.There was also a call for boycott of all government institutions like schools, colleges, courts etc. People set up Swadeshi schools and colleges and parallel courts in which they settled their mutual disputes. Thus the people responded to division of Bengal.

9.) A few leaders like Gandhi, Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh sacrified their lives for the sake of our nation. What would have happened if they did not do so?


The sacrifices of this leader helped us get independence otherwise the people of our country would have been treated as slaves under the British rule and the resources of our country  would be exploited making the country poor.

10.) Are there any movements that have taken place in your region recently? Why?


‘Jai Andhra’ movement took place in our region on the occasion of separating Telangana from Andhra Pradesh. This happened because of the reasons:

  • Regional imbalances.
  • Political imbalances.
  • Lack of broad outlook.
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