Telangana SCERT Class 8 Physical Science Chapter 7 Coal and Petroleum Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 8 Physical Science Chapter 7 Solution – Coal and Petroleum. Here in this post we provides Class 8 Physical Science Coal and Petroleum Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VIII Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 8 Physical Science Chapter 7 Coal and Petroleum Solution:

 (1) Draw the diagram of uses of coal and its products.

Ans: –

(2) Explain why petroleum is also called as liquid gold?

Ans: – Petroleum is treated as precious people call petroleum liquid gold because of its oils and value, it is very difficult to find. IT is called liquid gold because it is called liquid gold because it is a liquid substance and is very useful and also most expensive liquid. Due to its great commercial importance petroleum is called as liquid gold.

Petroleum is also sued in many things like for manufacturing different substances. They are also non-renewable fossil fuels. It is also called lack Gold.

(3) Name the petrochemical products which are used in agriculture industry.

Ans: – Plastics tubes, baskets, storing box, cultivation implements, fertilizers are the petrochemical products which used in agriculture industry.

(4) Explain the process of formation of petroleum in Earth.

Ans: – Petroleum was formed from the remains of tiny organisms called plankton that we found in the bottom of seas and oceans. Plankton has tiny droplets of oil inside their bodies.

As these organisms died, their bodies settled at the bottom of the sea or ocean and covered with layers of sand and clay. Over millions of years sue to absence of air, high temperature and high pressure these dead organisms transformed into petroleum.

Petroleum gas was also formed from the dead remains (fossils) of living organisms. Hence, these are also known as fossil fuels.

(5) Why should people look for alternative sources of fossil fuel?

Ans: – Fossil fuels are too essential and expensive. So these are exhaustible resources, but we need them, both as fuel and as starting materials for synthesizing new compounds. Since supplies are limited they are becoming more expensive as the demand for them increases. So people have to conserve these resources as much as possible and also look for alternatives for these resources.

Application of concepts

(1) Name the petroleum products used for surfacing of roads.

Ans: – Bitumen or coal tar that products are used for surfacing of roads.

(2) What will happen if fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are completely exhausted?

Ans: – New a days we are totally dependent on fossil fuels for energy and if the fossil fuels get exhausted it will be very dangerous problems and create huge problems.

Fossil fuels like coal and petroleum is used to generate electricity at thermal power plants which is used in our homes and in industry.

Kerosene and LPG obtained from petroleum that are used as domestic fuels for cooking food.

Both coal and petroleum are used as fuel in transports to run all vehicles like bike, car, scooter, bus, train, etc….

So without coal and petroleum products life on earth is impossible.

 (4) Assume that you are a driver, what measures do you take to save petrol and diesel?

Ans: –

(i) I will not use the vehicles for shorter distance. Walking shorter distances or using bicycles saves the fuels like petrol and diesel.

(ii) I will turn of the engine at signals and any stops.

(iii) I can we shorter routes and O will not run the vehicles on for long time, when it is not necessary.

(5) How do you appreciate the efforts of human beings to discover an alternate energy sources to Coal and Petroleum for their daily use?

Ans: – We appreciate the effort of human beings to discover an alternate energy sources – like coal and petroleum. As we know coal invention brought lighting of our lives. Discover of petroleum brought changes in our daily life and it takes a great roll. As we are used petroleum products for our daily needs like cooking, transport etc.

But because of coal and petroleum are exhaustible resources. So in some days we find crisis of them, as they are widely used in our daily life To become the crisis of them in future, scientists have worked on alternate resources like – bio-fuel, solar, wind energy etc… which are renewable. But fossil fuels are not renewable. So I appreciate this effort.

(6) Suggest some alternative ways to save the fuel resources.

Ans: –

(i) Uses public transports instead of personal (cars) transports.

(ii) Off the engine in traffic jams.

(iii) Do not use A.C, in cars.

(iv) Try to drive with a constant speed.

Use renewable resources like bio-fuel, solar, energy, biogas, wind energy, etc… and many more.

Higher Order Thinking Questions

(1) How is biodiversity effected by the excessive use of fossil fuels?

Ans: – Biodiversity is massively effected by the excessive use of fossil fuels. Because utilization of these fuels leads more harmful effects. That are –

(i) Burning fuels releases carbon dioxide, a green house gas, which cause climate changesand leads to global warming.

(ii) Coal fired power plants emits mercury, selenium, arsenic lead in addition to green house gases which are harmful to human health and environment.

(iii) Many paints made from petroleum and heavy metals, which releases toxic products into air. These products cause a huge health problems like heart, lungs damage, nausea and dizziness.

(2) “Crude oil and refined fuel when spills into the sea from tanker of ships by accident”. Discuss the consequences of this on environment.

Ans: – When the crude oil and fuel spill on sea, the oil forms a layer on sea, Ans as the oil and water are immseble. So the consequences are

(i) By accident causes damage to natural eco system and hill sea bird mammals, shell fish and other organisms

(ii) Light never travel through oil layer so the underwater plants are died.

(iii) The underwater plants and animals will become ill, they suffer from diseases and slowly alowly they died.

(iv) They will causes for water pollution also, for this pollution oxygen supply will be reduces, and many fishes will die without oxygen and also aquatic animals also died.

Multiple Choice Questions

(1) Which one of the following is less polluting fuel

Ans: – a) Natural gas

(2) The main constituent of coal is

Ans: – a) Carbon

(3) Which one of the following material is used for making shoe polish

Ans: – a) Paraffinwax

(4) Which of the following is not a fossil fuel

Ans: – c) Charcoal

(5) Which of the following is known as liquid gold

Ans: – c) Petroleum

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