Telangana SCERT Class 7 Social Studies Solution Chapter 3 Tanks and Ground Water

Telanagana SCERT Solution Class VII (7) Social Studies Chapter 3 Tanks and Ground Water.

(1) Correct the incorrect sentence

(a) The water flows from the plateaus to the plains.

(b) There is a thick deposit of alluvial soil in the plains.

(c) Ground water will eventually dry up.

(d) It is difficult to dig well in Rajahnundry.

(2) The wells shown in this figure are situated on the slopes of the Godvari. But there seems to be mistake in the figure. Can you correct it?

Ans: – The mistake is level of water.

(3) In which of the places do you except maximum percolation to take places?

Ans: – I think its third picture.

(4) When the owners of some wells in Pallerla started using high-powered motors to draw water from the wells, the owners of other wells noticed that their wells were drying up. Discuss the possible solution to the problem.

Ans: – We know that high speed motors and wells are being used arbitrarily in various places off present days then he needs in daily life the water level in not the same everywhere. In this way, the water level is gradually drying up due to unnecessary wastage of water. As a result our next generation will face more crises we all need to be aware them will these water levels get rid of drying out.

(5) In areas where there is a shortage of ground water, should there be any restrictions on digging bore wells? Why?

Ans: – Yes, There should restrictions on digging bore wells where there is shortage of water. Because the next generation will get the value of fur immoral irrationality. Due to indiscriminate use of water at present there will be no water to drink later. More over it is level is drying p. This will prevent damage to natures.

(6) Think about the ways to restore the ground water in your areas.

Ans: – The ways to restore the ground water in my area are –

(i) The first is to stop the arbitrary wastage of water.

(ii) Trees should be planted in the land to maintain the moisture of the soil.

(iii) Grasses help keep the soil moist

(iv) Wells should not be dug here n there

(v) Where the water level is low excavation should not be done.

(vi) Excess water required should not be given to cultivated land.

(vii) The water used by humans can be used for farming.

(viii) After retaining rainwater on the root of the house, it can be used for farming.

 (9) Read the third paragraph under quality of ground water in page no 30 and comment on it.

Ans: – Now a day’s various harmful chemicals are used in factories for cultivation. Then we can see the harmful effects of all those chemicals on soil and water.

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