Telangana SCERT Class 7 Social Studies Solution Chapter 21 Devotional Paths to the Divine

Telanagana SCERT Solution Class VII (7) Social Studies Chapter 21 Devotional Paths to the Divine .

 (1) Describe the beliefs and practies of the Nathpanthis, Siddhas and Yogis.

Ans: – Nathoanthis Siddhas and Yogis are advocated renunciation of the world. To them the path of salavation lay in meditation. They advocated intense training of the mind and body through practise like yogasans, breathing exercise and meditation. They criticised the rituals and other aspects of conversational religion and social order using simple, logical arguments.

(2) What were the major ideas expressed by Kabir? How did he expressed then?

Anss: – Kabir was a famous pioneer of the devotional movement. The essence of his religion was the combination of all religions. Kabirs teachings were based on a complete, indeed vehement, rejection of the major religious traditions. His teaching openly ridiculed all forms of external worship of both Hindunism and Islam, the pre eminence of the priestly classes and the caste system.

He collected all his words in one book. His two lines devotional songs were known as Doha. The language of this poetry was a form of spoken Hindi, widely understand by ordinary people. He believed in a formless supreme God and preached that the only path to solution was through bhakti and devition.

(3) What were the major beliefs and practices of the sufis?

Ans: – The sufis are devoted submission to one God. It also rejected idol worship and considerable simplified rituals of worship into collective prayers.

They sought union with god much as a lover seeks his beloved with a disregard for the world. Sufis are composed poems expressing their feelings. They believed that the heart can be trained to look at the world in a different way.

They developed elaborate methods of training using Zikr, contemplation, Sama, raqs, discussion of parables brath controll etc.

 (6) For either the Virashaivas or the saints of Maharashtra, discuss their attitude towards caste.

Ans: – The virashivas an the saints always said that, Even if the religions are different, every one should be organished in coordinated manner, have to stand by each other in danger. Every one should have love for each other.

(7) Why do ordinary people still remember Mirabai?

Ans: – Ordinary people still remeber Mirabai for her innumerable bhajans. She was disciple of Ravidas. She was devoted to Krishna.

(8) Read the second para under the title ‘A closer look: Kabir’ on page 194 and comment on it.

Ans: – Kabir was one of the most famous pioneers of the devotional movement. Doha written by him is the epitome of human love.

(9) Write about a festival celebrated by the people in your area.

Ans: – Festival celebrated in my area is Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Lohri, Eid etc.

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