Telangana SCERT Class 7 Social Studies Solution Chapter 20 Folk – Religion

Telanagana SCERT Solution Class VII (7) Social Studies Chapter 20 Folk – Religion .

(1) What are the common elements in the worship of most of the village deities?

Ans: – The common elements in the worship of most of the village dieties are snakes, tress animals, birds, people tree.

(2) When people go to towns and settle there, do they continue to worship their old village deities? How do they do it?

Ans: – Even when people go to the city the reforms remain in them. They never forget anything to reform their faith. They keep their faith alive by worshipping at a certain place at home.

(3) Do you think the way people worship the village deities is changing now? What kind of changes do you see?

Ans: – There is a big difference between the present worship and previous worship. In the past, people used to dedicate themselves to God. God will show in human devotion. The temple was built under a small tree and based on the bliefs of the people. There was no splendor, but there was devotion.

In the temples of the present age, there is more splendor than devotion.

Currently large temples have dustbins for dumping garbage.

 (5) Read the paragraph “Most of these …….. Spirits.”Of page 186 and comment on it.

Ans: – In every religions, people worshipped God with faith and performed many reforms in order to escape from devil.

(6) Collect the following particulars by talking to the people of different religions of your area.

Sl No. Name Religion Practised God Worshipped Festivals Celebrated
1 Dipak Hindu Laxmi



Saraswati Puja, Laxmi Puja, Durga Puja
2 Andraws Christan Jesus Christmass, Good Friday
3 Riehan Muslim Allah Sabebarat, Eid, Maharam
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