Telangana SCERT Class 7 Social Studies Solution Chapter 19 Livelihood and Struggles of Urban Workers

Telanagana SCERT Solution Class VII (7) Social Studies Chapter 19 Livelihood and Struggles of Urban Workers .

(1) Compare the condition of a worker in brick kiln, a permanent worker and a contract worker in a factory.

Brick Kiln Worker Permanent Worker Factory
(i) Brick kiln workers have no union. (i) Permanent factory workers have trade union.
(ii) They don’t get any medical facilities. If they could not go to work due to illness, they would not be paid. (ii) Permanent workers got medical facilities. Health check up in big private hospitals, leave incase the workers become sick.
(iii) This workers have no safety wear. (iii) Safety wear in work place.
(iv) There is no safe drinking water facilities in brick kiln. (iv) There is safe drinking water facilities in the factory.
(v) There is no education system for their children. (v) In factories there is education system for the children of permanent factory workers.
(vi) They cant take any leave for travel purpose. Their rules is no work no pay. (vi) But in factories conveyance allowance and also leave Travel allowance.
(vii) They dont get any loans from Brick kiln. (vii) They get loans from the company.
(viii) The brick kiln workers are generally belong from villages. They are usually poor and uneducated. They have no trainer for their work. (viii) factories workers employees are educated and usually from city. They carry a sufficient amount of training for their work.

(2) Can you make a list of jobs done by casual and self employed workers in your area?

Ans. The jobs of casual and self employed workers are like

i) Selling vegetables item.

ii) make and sell snacks.

iii) Work in tea stalls.

iv) steach clothes.

v) load and unload in markets.

(vi) Weaving clothes.

(vii) Papad, pickle making.

(viii) Embroidery etc.

(4.) Talk to a Trade Union member (leader) and find out why did he/ she join the union, what are their rights and duties as a union member.

Ans. It is important for every factory to have a trade union. a company gets perfection, progress for the hard works of the workers. Therefore, the employer should be aware of the advantages of the workers.

If everyone comes together and submits the demands to the owner; a chaos ensues. So, the workers choose one of their team to present their demands to the employer. He/ She is called the leader.

Their rights are:

(i) Work security.

(ii) Income security.

(iii) Employment security.

(iv) Right to leisure and rest.

(v) Right to productive and safe employment.

(vi) Collective voice.

(vii) Skill improvement.

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