Telangana SCERT Class 7 Science Chapter 1 Food Components Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 7 Science Chapter 1 Solution – Food Components. Here in this post we provides Class 7 Science Food Components Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VII Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 7 Science Chapter 1 Food Components Solution:

(1) Make a list of food items eaten during lunch by you. Try to mention the components in each food item.

Food items eaten during lunch Components in each food item
(i) Rice Starch
(ii) Cooked dal Proteins
(iii) green leafy vegetables Minerals vitamins
(iv) Curries like egg, potato etc Proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

(2) Manjula eats only bread and omlette daily. Do you think it is a balanced diet? Why? Why not?

Ans. No, i think it is not a balanced diet. Because eating only Bread and Omlette daily is not proper balanced diet.

A diet containing food items like carbohydrates and protein along with a little fat, vitamins and minerals makes a balanced diet. But only bread and omlette can not maintain all these food components which make a balanced diet.

Nutrients other than those found in bread and omlette for our healthy body.

 (3) Make a list of food items that contain all components of food.

Ans. Milk and milk products, pulses, green leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, meat etc are the food items that contain all components of food.

The components of our food are –

i) Carbohydrates

ii) Fats

iii) Proteins

iv) Minerals

v) Water

vi) Vitamin

We take all these food items and also added water, nuts, grains, then our balanced diet will be appropriate.

(4.) Who am I?

a.) I am a component of food that makes paper translucent.

Ans. Fat.

b.) Put a drop of me on a cut potato. It turns dark blue. Who am I?

Ans. Add a few drops of iodine solution on a cut potato, it turns dark blue that meant it contains STARCH.

(5.) Explain what will happen if we don’t include roughage in our food?

Ans. There are some components of food that are necessary for our body called roughage.

Roughage are a kind of carbohydrates that our body fails to digest. They help in free bowel movement in the digestive tract and prevent constipation. It commonly called as fibres made of cellulose.

So if we don’t include roughages in our food we may suffer from constipation problem.

(6.) Test the given food items and record the type of component that are present in them. (Ground nut, Cooked dal, Pulusu)

Ans. Ground nut – Proteins and Fats.

Cooked dal – Proteins.

Pulse – Carbohydrates.

All these food items contain important nutrients that are required for our body which helps to growth and development.

(7)  Draw some food items of your diet and explain why you like them.

Ans. Balanced diet mean in a diet containing food items like carbohydrates protein and also

(8) If you were invited to a party with many food items in the menu like Rice, Roti, Puri, Idly, Dosa, Samosa, Dal, Green salad, Vegetable curry, Fruit chat, Chicken curry, Eggs, Gulab Jamun

a.)What food items would come on to your plate to make your diet a balanced one?

Ans. Would come on to my plate to make my diet a balanced one are following roti, dal, rice, green salad, vegetable curry, fruit chat, chicken curry and eggs.

b.) What food items would you take plenty, adequately?

Ans. Plenty food items – Dal, roti, rice, green salad, fruit chat, vegetable curry.

Adequately food items – rest ones taking for adequately.

(9.) How is water useful to our body?

Ans. Water is an essential component needed by our body. So we should drink sufficient water everyday.

Water is useful in our body in many ways but some of them are –

(i) Water mainly helps in digestion of food in our body.

(ii) It keep our body cool.

(iii) It helps in respiration.

(iv) Water protects our tissues, organs also.

(v) It helps in transportation of minerals by dissolving them.

Water helps in many other processes in our body as well. So we must drink plenty of water.

(13.) Prepare ‘kichidi’ with your mother’s help using all kinds of available vegetables, dals, nuts etc. Write a note on the process of making kichidi.

Ans. At first take rice, dal, vegetables and wash all things and rinse all them.

Now take a pressure cooker and add oil to heat it, here is also used ghee.

Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds. next add black pepper, curry leaves.

Then add the chopped onion, ginger, garlic paste.

Now add vegetables, turmeric, chili powder, coriander and garam masala. Add now soaked rice and dal. All this things fry well. Then add water and bring to a boil. Now close the pressure cooker and cook on high heat.

Now turn off the flame and cool down cooker completely.

Now take a pan and melt the ghee. Make the tadka and ass the tadka over the khichdi and mix well. Now prepare delicious khichdi and serve it.

(14) Observe whether your mother cooks on a low or high flame. Discuss with your mother and find out the reason.

Ans. The reason are –

* Using low flame in some case to controlled and gives good taste to the food, because if the food gets overcooked and spoils it.

* Using low flame for absorbing more energy and not burning.

* Sometimes frying or making something which needs to be cooked very well and to the core really fast then uses a high flame. Then the foods gets cooked very quickly. Like pakoras, oily dishes which are deep fried are cooked in high heat flame.

* Using low flame is because the fuel consumption (LPG) is very less. Using high flame consumes all the fuel fast.

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