Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 5 Materials and Things Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 5 Solution – Materials and Things. Here in this post we provides Class 6 Science Materials and Things Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VI Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 6 Science Chapter 5 Materials and Things Solution:

(1) Name any five objects which are made up of only one material?

Ans. Pot – Clay.

Shoes – Leather.

Wooden Chair – Wood.

Water bottle – Plastics.

Towel – Cloth.

(2) Name any five objects which are made up of more than two materials?

Ans. Door – Wood, Metal, Rubber

Bicycle – Steel, Iron, rubber, plastic.

Knife – Wood, Stainless Steel, Iron.

Mirror – Glass, Metal, Wooder or Plastic things.

Table – Wood, (Plastic), metal, rubber.

(3)  List five things which we can make using each of the following materials :

  1. glass b. metal c. plastic d. wood

Ans. Glass : Drinking glass, Glass jar, glass bowl.

Metal : Metal scale, Metal sheet, Metal pen.

Plastic : Plastic chair, Plastic bottle, Plastic cup, Plastic cover.

Wood : Wooden chair, Wooden table, Wooden stool, Wooden door.

(4) Mary saw a ship travelling on a sea. She knows that iron nail sinks in water. She has many doubts, what are her doubts? Write them.

Ans. i) Why is the ship not sinking in water through, as though it is made up of iron?

ii) Does iron float in salty water?

(5) Mary, while examining whether a boiled egg sinks or floats, found that it floats but Vakula made it sink, How is it possible? Guess and write it.

Ans. Mary dropped the egg in a beaker of water in which she added salt in that water and the boiled egg floats in the water.

But Vakula made it sink by changing the salt water and dropped the egg in normal water. Here is the main reason.

The boiled egg normally has more density than water and thereby it sinks. But if salt is added to the water then it becomes denser and in that cases the egg floats in the water.

(6) Drop an egg in a beaker of water. Now drop the same egg in another beaker of water in which excessive salt is added. Write your observation.

Ans. * When the egg is dropped in a beaker of water the egg sinks in the water.

* When the egg is dropped in the beaker of water, in which excessive salt is added, the egg floats in that water.

(7) Do the following activities. Write down your observations. What do you conclude.

  1. Mix chalk powder in water.

Ans. Chalk powder is insoluble in water but it not mix very well with water.

  1. Place a piece of candle in water.

Ans. The candle floats in water. The density of candle less than the density of water.

  1. Add some oil drops to a beaker of water.

Ans. The oil drop spreads as a thin layer on the water surface. The density of oil is less than the density of water. As oil is a liquid so it spreads on the surface of water as a thin flim.

(8) Make a list of items from your kitchen like utensils, food  ingredients etc. classify them as follows.


  Item Sink / Float in water Soluble / Insoluble in water
Kitchen Utensils Spoons, Forks, Pressure cooker, frying pan, knives etc. Sink in water


Plastic water bottle, Plastic jar, Fiber glass, bowl etc. Float in water
Food Ingredients Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, Egg, Fishes, etc


Milk, Sugar, Flour, Chilli Powder, turmeric powder Soluble

(9) Collect different plastic items from your surroundings. Classify them as transparent, opaque and translucent.

Ans. Transport : (i) Glass used in Windows., (ii) Glass cups or Utensils.

Opaque : (i) Wooden door, (ii) Wall.

Translucent : (i) Water bottle filled with water. (ii) A thin plastic cover.

(10) Draw different objects made up of wood which we use in our daily life.


(12) We know that a ship, even though it is madeup of tonnes of iron, floats on water. How do you feel about the scientists who found the scientific principles and efforts in making a ship?

Ans. This was found by Archimedes and hence known as Archemedis principle. This principle states that lower the density of the object, greater the buoyant force acting on it. This is the reason why ship float on water as its hollow from inside.

(13) We use so many wooden items in our daily life. Is it good to use wood? What happens by excessive use of it? What is the reason? Is there any alternative for this?

Ans. It is not good to use wood, because now a days the earth faces a huge problem for deforestation. Using excess wood means cutting down of more trees. This trees are the only hope that provide us oxygen and fulfill our needs. So without trees no oxygen o9n earth and life is impossible for humans as well as animals on earth.

Here is another reason that wood gets termites. So if we use the same wood for many years or months, it would catch termites.

Its alternative can be chemically synthesized materials like polystyrene is being widely used now a days.

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