Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 4 What do Animals Eat Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 4 Solution – What do Animals Eat. Here in this post we provides Class 6 Science What do Animals Eat Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VI Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 6 Science Chapter 4 What do Animals Eat Solution:

(1)  Name some animals in your house which have the same kind of food habit.

Ans. Some animals in our house are like goat, cow, dog, cat etc.

I know that cow and goat have the same kind of food habit, – and dog, cat have the quite same kind of food habit.

On the basis of animal’s food habit they are classified as –

(i) Harbivores (eating plant, shrubs, grass etc.)

(ii) Carnivores (eating flesh or meat)

(iii) Omnivores (eating both flesh & meat).

(2) Observe your surroundings or go to a nearby field and write about the following :

(a) How does the cow eat grass?

(b) What parts are used while doing so?

(c) In what way can you justify it as a herbivore?

Ans. (a) When a cow first takes a bite of grass, it is chewed food very quickly and swallowed and store it in a part of their stomach. After sometimes they take take food material back from the stomach to the mouth and chewed it again. It is called ‘rumination’. Rumination enables cows to chew grass more completely, which improves digestion.

(b) Mouthparts like Jaws, teeth, tongue etc are used.

(c) As cow only depends upon plants like green/ dry grass, leaves and branches, so I think it is a herbivore.

(3) Compare the legs and nails of a dog and hen and say why they are different.

Ans. Dog has 4 legs and it is longer. But hen has 2 legs and also some different in it.

The nails of the dog is having hard and its use to cut some things. But hen has thinner nails and its use to hold object.

(4) Go to a nearby pond where cranes are usually seen. Observe how they catch fish. Write about the process of catching fish. (Take care of yourself when you are near water places.)

Ans. Cranes used to catch the fishes with the help of their beak.

The cranes usually have been in lakes, ponds. The crane at first observe the motion of a fish, later it catches with its thin, long and thick beak.

(5)  Name some animals which use tongue as a tool for taking in food.

Ans. Dogs, Cats, Cows, buffalos, frogs, lizards, lion, tiger, wolf, giraffe etc are some animals that use tongue as a tool for taking in food.

(6) The butterfly uses ….. to suck honey from flowers.

Ans. Proboscis.

(7)  Do the following and record your observations :

Collect one or two earthworms and put them in a bottle containing wet soil. Close it with a the lid which has holes. Observe how earthworms get their food.

Ans. Earthworm prefers moist environment. Because earthworms breathe through their skin, and it also held moist. Dry skin prevents the process of diffusion, efficiently stopping the oxygen in the earthworms. That;s why in rainy season worms are so frequently found on floor.

So finally i observed that earthworms will take moisture in the soil as food.

(8) Which animals in the forest depend only on plants or only on animals for food?

Ans. Omnivores are the animals in the forest that depend only plants or animals for food.

There are certain animals in the forest that are depends on only plants. For example – deer, donkey.

Then there are other animals that are totally depends on other animals for their food. Such animals for example : Tigers, Lions, Wolf, etc.

(9) Fill up the following table

Body part used Examples to collect food



Hens, Duck, Crow, Wood pecker, Eagle, Sparrow, Pigeon, Crane.

Dog, cat, cow, bufallow, frogs, lizards, Lion, tiger.


Rabbit, Squirrel, Cat, dog, Fishes..

Leeches, Snails, earthworms

Strong Legs with Claws

Tiger, Dog, Eagle.

(10) Why do most carnivores live in forests? Give reasons

Ans. Carnivores animals only depend on other animals for their food. Carnivores get their food easily in the forest because there are so many small animals living in forest and for lion, tiger are strong as compare to deer, rabbits etc. So it an ideal habitat for carnivores.

Here is also a another reason – the carnivores helps in the transferring the energy in a food chain from one level to the other one.

(11) Make your own food chain and display it in your class room.

(13) Identify which of the following statements are wrong and give reasons.

(a) That which lives in water cannot eat animals.

Ans. Wrong statement, because crocodiles who live in water eats other animals.

Explain:- Crocodiles are reptiles which are not picky when it comes to food. They eat anything like reptiles, fishes, animals, birds, and even humans and also eat other crocodiles.

(b) Elephants and deer are herbivores living in the forest.

Ans. This statement is right.

(c) Birds’ beaks are designed to suit their food habits.

Ans. It is also right.

(d) Sharp claws are useful for hunting.

Ans. It is also a right statement.

(e) Most of the food chains end with herbivorous animals.

Ans. This statement is wrong, because normal food chain generally ends at top carnivores like tiger, lion etc. But a food chain can never end with herbivores.

(14) If you want to understand more about food chain what questions would you like to ask?

Ans. (i) Why is the food chain necessary?

(ii) Why is the food chain important?

(iii) How is the food chain made?

(iv) What is the main functions of food chain?

(15) Write a play with dialogues between a parrot and a lion about their food habits and organs they use to get food. Act it with your friends. Send it to school / district childrens magzine.

Ans. Conversation between Lion and Parrot:

Parrot: I am a parrot and an omnivorous animal. I can eat both meat and plants. Can you?

Lion: No, I qam totally a carnivorous animal. I only eat meat and cannot eat plants.

Parrot: My favorite foods are seeds, fruits, nuts and leaves.

Lion : I only eat meat.

Parrot : When i see delicious ripe food on trees, i use my claws and my beaks and jaws to eat them. I also use my jaws to open the nuts and seeds and beaks also help to pick any worms from the grounds.

Lion : I am very strong and will prey and kill the animal to eat its meat. I also use my sharp, powerful claws to tear their flesh and eat with my strong jaws and teeth.

(16) Identify the given animal :

What does it eat?

.Ans. It is Anteater. Anteater do not have teeth so it use its long tongue to catch ants and termites. It also eats soft fruits and birds eggs, and insects.

Which part of the body helps it in eating?

Ans. It uses its long tongue to eating their food.

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