Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Rain Where Does It Come From Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Solution – Rain Where Does It Come From. Here in this post we provides Class 6 Science Rain Where Does It Come From Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VI Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Rain Where Does It Come From Solution:

(1)  How are clouds formed? Explain?

Ans. Clouds are created when the water vapour formed due to evaporation becomes a part of air and cannot usually be seen. The water vapour which enters into air through the process of evaporation forms cloud in the sky.

(2) In which form does the water from clouds reach the earth?

Ans. Water released from cluds in the form of rain freezing rain, snow, steel or hailstones and reaches on the earth.

(3) When do clouds become cool?

Ans. Winds bring the clouds from the sea to the land. The colder air in the upper layers of the atmosphere cool the clouds. The clouds come together and they become laden with water vapour.

(4) Explain the relationship between the heat of sun and evaporation.

Ans. Heat of sun and evaporation are related to each other. Sun;s heat evaporate the water from the surfaces of water bodies like seas, oceans, rivers, ponds etc. and the water rises into the atmosphere. As the water moves towards, it gets condensed and form clouds and then fall back as rain, normally its called rainfall.

(5) Why do we experience cloud like smoke near our mouth while we speak during the winter season?

Ans. In winter, the air in our atmosphere is very cool. like air coming out from our mouth. Water vapour present in the air coming out from our mouth gets cooled suddenly to form very tiny droplets. This tiny droplets concentrated in a limited area, and appear like smoke or a small cloud near our mouth while we speak during the winter season.

(6) Correct the given sentence if necessary.

“If the size of water drops decreases in the clouds, they can no longer hold the water drops.”

Ans. “If the size of water drops increases in the clouds, they can no longer hold the water drops”.

(7) Which of the following days is more suitable for drying of washed clothes? Explain why.

(a) Windy day (b) Cloudy day

Ans. Windy day is more suitable for drying of washed cloths.

Washes cloths dry faster during windy day because wind helps in fast evaporation of moisture present in wet clothes by carrying away along with the moving air.

(8) Which of the following statements are right or wrong ?

(a) evaporation takes place quickly when more heat is supplied.

Ans. Right.

(b) for condensation of water, it should be cooled.

Ans. Right.

(c) water vapour is obtained from water by evaporation.

Ans. Right.

(9) Draw a diagram which explains the water cycle.

(10) How do you feel when you see a Rainbow? Express your feelings in the form of a song or a poem.

Ans. Rainbow gives me the feeling of happiness. Rainbow not only looks beautiful, it looks like it is there for spreading happiness. I also like this rainy weather because after rain sometimes rainbow appear in the sky and make the sky very beautiful.

-:Here the Poem:-

Red, Orange, Yellow

Green and blue

Indigo and Purple are in there too

Shining brightly way up high,

I see a rainbow in the sky.

Rain and Sun work together

Making it my favorite weather.

(11)  Clouds once seen at a particular point, may not be there after sometime? Why?

Ans. The clouds formed on the surface of the different water bodied do not stay there. They start to move from one place to another in the direction of winds, so that clouds once seen at a particular point may not be there after sometimes.

(12) Revanth blew air from his mouth onto the mirror while he was getting ready to go to school. He observed that the image in the mirror was not clear. Why do you think it has become so?

Ans. I think the image is become clear because the air from mouth contains water vapour, which on coming in contact with the cold surface of the mirror, condedses. Hence image is not clear.

(13) If it is raining in a village you don’t find rain another village. Why do you think it is happening so?

Ans. I think it is happening of clouds. Because we will get rains where the clouds are formed.

(14) If condensation fails to occur in nature what happens?

Ans. Condensation: The process of conversion of water vapour into water is called condensation.

If condensation fails to occur in nature, there will be no rain and all the water bodies will dry up. Air around us will not expand and cool. This is turn stop vapour form of gas from turning into liquids, as a result their was no rain, if this happens for a long time, it may also lead to the end of the earth.

(15) Why does the driver of a vehicle wipe the glass inside, even if the wiper is working on the outer surface of the glass when he drives in rain?

Ans. The coolness of raindrops causes condensation of natural moisture on the inner surface of the glass of windscreen and also the outside temperature is less as compared to the temperature in car.

Hence the driver needs to manually wipe off the inner surface of glass to maintain the visibility through the glass when he is driving in rain.

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