Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 14 Movements In Animals Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 14 Solution – Movements In Animals. Here in this post we provides Class 6 Science Movements In Animals Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VI Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 6 Science Chapter 14 Movements In Animals Solution:

(1) Imagine a situation where you have no bone in your body. Describe with reasons, what would happen?

Ans: –Bones help us to perform different movement and activities. If we don’t have bone in our body then we can’t moved anywhere. Our skin would become loosely folded. We will not be able to walk properly and even small injuries will cause of death.

When our bodies has no bone then we like a rubber and without bone our bodies has no shape. In our body if no bones then it become without combine parts of structure of sybem.

(2) Try and identify the joints in the body of a goat or a cow. Make a list of these joints?

Ans: – In goats joints are –







Cow’s joints are –

Hip joint

Sacroiliac joint

Stifle joint

Hock joint

Fermoratible joint and many others.

(3) What difficulties would you face if your fingers had only a single bone?

Ans: – *It becomes difficult to write with the fingers.

*Fingers fail to catch hold of any objects.

*Fingers fail to do their work. It difficult to do all jobs and activities.

(4) What is a ball and socket joint? How it is different from hinge joint?

Ans: – A joint made by fitting a ball into a socket is called a ball and socket joint

*In this joint a bone can rotate easily in all directions.

*In the care of hinge joint the bone cannot rotate in all directions.

(5) Fill in the blanks and give reasons:

1) Joints of the bone help in the _____________

Ans: -Movement of the body.

Reason: We can put move various parts of our body because of these joints. There are different types on our body to help us carry out different types of joints in our body to help us carry out different movement and activities.

2) The contraction of the ____ pulls the bones during movement.

Ans: – muscle.

Reason: Muscle pulls the bones during movements. Bones and muscles help us perform different movements and activities. Muscle work in pairs. Tendons join muscles to bones.

3) The bones at the elbow are joined by a _________________ joint.

Ans: -hinge.

Reason: Rotate our forearm in all directions at the elbow joint and also bend our arm towards our shoulder and we can move our hand from elbow in all the directions with the help of hinge joint.

(6) Guess who I am

i) I am a joint that works like joint of doors and window.

Ans: – It’s the hinge joint.

ii) I help to join two bones.

Ans: – Ligaments.

iii) Joint between upper jaw and skull.

Ans: – Fixed joint.

iv) I am a chain of small-small bones

Ans: -Vertebrae.

v) I join bone and muscle

Ans: – Tendons.

(7) Collect X-Ray films and identify which body parts they represent. Write a note on them.

Ans: – Bones, Lungs, and inner body parts are represented by the X-Ray.

The x-ray view represent the in our body parts normal and abnormality (fracture & injury etc) of soft tissue.

(8) Prepare a questionaire to take interview of a yoga teacher or PET sir about asanas and exercises.

Ans: – The questionnaire of interviewing a yoga teacher or PET sir about asanas and exercises are as below:

(1) What is the best way of being fit, asanas or exercises?

(2) What is the best time to do asans or exercises?

(3) How will you convince someone to start doing yoga or exercise?

(4) How to marag time for doing exercise in daily life?

(5) Should people exercise during sickness?

(9) Crawling snake, jumping frog, flying bird are they amazing to you? Why you think so?

Ans: – *The body structure of these creatures is so designed that it helps their movement freely.

*The bones and muscles developed in their bodies help to get their food by their movement.

(10) List out the activities that you performed at your home before coming to school. Which joints are involved in each activity?

Ans: – Hinge joint, Ball and socket joint, jaws are involved in each activity.

Activities that perform at home before coming to school:

*Wake up in morning of 6:30 and then brushes the teeth and washed the mouth.

*Next I should taking bath and worship the God and then taking breakfast.

*After doing all this packing my Tiffin box, bottle as well as a book bags should also ready before coming to school.

This is our activities that performed at our home before coming to school.

(11) “Which joints involved in plucking flowers, making garlands”, Ravi’s mother asked? What is his answer?

Ans: – Hinge joint and ball and socket joint are involved in ‘plucking flowers’; ‘making gartands’.

(12) What is this instrument? How you use this?

Ans: – 

This instrument is Dumbbell. Dumbbell is of free weight, it is a piece of equipment used in weight training. It can be used individually or in pairs with one in each hand.

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