Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 11 Water In Our Life Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 11 Solution – Water In Our Life. Here in this post we provides Class 6 Science Water In Our Life Telangana State Board Solution.  Telangana State Board English Class VI Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telanagana State Board Class 6 Science Chapter 11 Water In Our Life Solution:


Question Number 1: How can you say water is necessary for us?

Water is necessary for drinking, Bathing and washing clothes.

Water is essential for germination.

It is used to generate electricity.

It is also used for irrigation in the crops.

Water is essential for our life as our body contains about 70% of water.

Water is used in many industries.

That means we need water for domestic use, agriculture, industries use etc.

Question Number 2: Ravi wants to know the measuring units of water. What will you tell him?

Water is measure in liters and milli liters. The water takes in some villages and most town’s gallons and cities have the capacity to store of water.

Galloon is also a measure of volume of weather. Water level in the reservoins is measured in feet.

Water released from dams during floods is measured in cube meter or cusses.

Question Number 3: Why do people need protected drinking water scheme?

Water is mainly responsible for disturbing the heath of people if it is no in good quality.

It there is protected drinking water scheme, then people will get purifying water/potable water.

Potable water means the water that is fit for drinking.

Through this scheme water free from harmful organism will be available to the people in pure form.

The water supplied through this shame will be colour less and odourless and free from suspended impurities.

This water will be free from harmful bacteria and germs and free from harmful salts search as nitrates and nitrites.

Question Number 4: List out the activities that we perform in our daily life that consume water.

For drinking, bathing, washing, cleaning of vessels etc.

It is used for generating electricity.

It is also used for irrigation.

It is used in many industries.

It is used to keep things cool.

Question Number 5: In ___ season we face severe water scarcity. Give your reason

In summer season we face severe water scarcity.

When there is no rain for a long period four to five years, it may cause droughts. During this period drinking in scarce.

The water level in our water resources depends upon rainfall.

Generally the water level in wells and other water sources go up in rainy season and down in the summer season. When rain fall is less, the levels farther go down and water from these sources become scarce.

IN some place the ground water is polluted and drinking water is polluted and drinking it causes fluorosis. Due to this also people face water scarcity.

Question Number 6:  The nature of sea water is _____

a) Salty b) Tasteless

c) Odourless d) Sweet

The nature of sea water is salty.

Question Number 7: If we use water unwisely what will happen in future. Write your suggestions to prevent water wastage.

We are wasting water for unnecessary thing.

This results in scarcity of water to many people and also in future we faces problem.

People may get diseases by drinking water containing harmful organisms.

We should take care not to waste water.

IT is not necessary to use water in the garden with drinking water. Water already used in kitchen for washing vegetables and fruits can be used for gardening.

Do not allow over flow of water tanks when it is being filled.

Do not leave the tap running while brushing the teeth, for this about sixteen litres of coater gets used up fill a mug with weather and used it.

Question Number 11:  Find out the relationship between water shortage and drought?

It there is no water/rainfall for a long period it may cause droughts and water shortage.

During this period, it is very difficult to get food and water.

People need to travel long distance to collect water.

Soil becomes very, agriculture and cultivation is difficult.

Many people  who depend on farming for their livelihood, migrate, through other places in search of jobs.


It means if anywhere is lack of water and it goes to hard to survival of organisms then it is known as draught while water shortage is that where a few places do not have enough water then it known as shortage of water.

Question Number 12:  Justify the statement “droughts and floods are a result of actions made by man”. Investigate your reasons.

There is very little rainfall during the summer months in our country. This leads to shortage of water.

Summer is followed by monsoon that brings rain.

However it is not raining as per its schedule due to the action of man.

As a result there is severe shortage of water. Rivers and ponds dry up. Crops cannot grow properly in fields. Such a condition is called a drought.

In some parts of our country it rains heavily during the monsoon months.

Often there is so much of water in the rivers that many of them raise above their banks and flow into nearby land.

Such condition is known as floods.

Deforestation; heavy pollution are the main reasons for these droughts and floods.

Many selfish actions are disturbing the nature in this way causing such problems.

Question Number 13: Aravind never forget to switch off water pumping motor in time. Do you support him? Why?

Ans. We cannot live a single day with out water.

We must preserve water not only for us but also for future generations.

So I support Aravind for his switching of water pumping motor in time.

Question Number 14: If people are suffering due to severe floods, what would you do to help them?

Ans. I collect rice, and other food materials for distributing them to flood victims.

I help the flood victims with my friends and class mates. We create a group and we collect clothes and vessels and distributing them to authorized organisations.

Materials required for regular daily usage by the flood victims as are also collected and send to them.

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