Telangana SCERT Class 10 Physical Science Chapter 10 Electromagnetism Solution

Telangana SCERT Class 10 Physical Science Chapter 10 Solution – Electromagnetism. Here in this post we provides Class 10 Physical Science Electromagnetism Telangana State Board Solution. Telangana State Board English Class X Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Improve Your Learning Questions and Answers.

Telangana State Board Class 10 Physical Science Chapter 10 Electromagnetism Solution:


CHAPTER: – 10.



Exercise: –

Reflection on concept.

1) Are the magnetic field lines closed? Explain.

Ans: – The magnetic field lines always a closed in nature this imaginary lines only passes from the north pole to South pole. After studying the path of magnetic lines of forces it seen that it follows only closed path.


2) See fig-Q2, magnetic lines are shown. What is the direction of the current flowing through the wire? (AS1)

Ans: –The image after comparison with the magnetic lines of force from the wright hand thumb rule we can say that the direction of the current us upwards.


3) A bar magnet with North Pole facing towards a coil moves as shown in fig-Q3. What happens to the magnetic flux passing through the coil? (AS1)

Ans: – The north pole of the magnetic bar enters in the coil because of this it opposed the direction of the flux will become anticlockwise direction.


4) A coil is kept perpendicular to the page. At P, current flows into the page and at Q it comes out of the page as shown in fig-Q3. What is the direction of magnetic field due tothe coil? (AS1)

Ans: – current enter the page through Q for this reason the direction according to wright hand thumb rule the flux will be to P.


Application of Concepts

1) The direction of current flowing in a coil is shown in fig-Q. Whattype of magnetic pole is formed at the face that has flow of currentas shown in fig-Q? (AS1)

Ans: – Because of the direction of the current is anticlockwise the North pole will formed at the face which has showing in that figure.


2) Why does the picture appear distorted when a bar magnet is brought close to the screen of a television? Explain (AS1)

Ans: – The picture appears distorted because of the bar magnet. As when it brought close to the screen of the television the motion of electron the bar magnet reach the screen and distorted the image which is playing.


3) Symbol ‘X’ in fig. Q3 indicates the direction of a magnetic field into the page. A straight long wire carrying current along its length is kept perpendicular to the magnetic field. What is the magnitude of force experienced by the wire? In what direction does it act? (AS1)

Ans: – After the arrangements X and the long wire would behave to the wright hand thumb laws and for this the magnetic field will go inside the paper. As left side of the page is placed according the direction of the magnetic field will be in direction.


4) An 8N force acts on a rectangular conductor 20cm long placed perpendicular to a magnetic field. Determine the magnetic field induction if the current in the conductor is 40A. (Ans: 1tesla) (AS1)

Ans: – Faraday ‘s laws states that, F=.

where B=magnetic field; I=current flowing through the coil and L=length.

From questions it is given that, F=8N, L=20cm=0.2m, I=40 A, B=?

Then the magnetic field induction will be,B=8/40×0.2=1T.


5) As shown in the fig-Q5, both coil and bar magnet move in the same direction. What happens? (AS2)

Ans: – Because of the speed same of bar magnet and coil there will be no change in relative motion as results of that flux will not produced.So, in that image if coil is placed and bar magnet enters then flux will be produced.


6) Give a few applications of Faraday’s law of induction in daily life. (AS7)

Ans: – There are various uses of Faraday’s law in daily life which are such as electric motor, electric generator, transformer, atmcard, tape recorder etc.



1)  Which of the following converts electrical energy into mechanical energy

a) motor b) battery

c) generator d) switch.

Ans: – option (a) motor.


2) Which of the following converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

a) motor b) battery

c) generator d) switch.

Ans: – option (c) generator.


3) The magnetic force on a current carrying wire placed in uniform magnetic field if the wire is oriented perpendicular to magnetic field is

a) 0 b) ILB

c) 2ILB d) ILB/2.

Ans: – option (b)


4) One Tesla =

a) Newton/Columb b) Newton / ampere – meter

c) Ampere / meter d) Newton / ampere second.

Ans: – option (b).


5.) Magnetic flux

a) dyne b) Oersterd c) Gauss d) Weber.

Ans: – option (d).


6.) No force works on the conductor carrying electric current when kept

a) parallel to magnetic field

b) perpendicular to magnetic field

c) in the magnetic field

d) away from magnetic field.

Ans: – option (b).

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