• What is Teeth ?

Teeth is present in the mouth in higher animals.It is the hardest substance in human body .It is made up of Enamel .Teeth plays an important role in chewing and speech .There are thirty-two permanent teeth is present in two sets in human .

  • Types of Set of Teeth present in human:

1) Milk Teeth :

The milk teeth takes place in child . It’s a first set of teeth which the new born gain.It is weak as compare to permanent teeth .The milk teeth will drop down once the child reach at the age of six to eight years.

2) Permanent Teeth :

The permanent teeth takes place in adults.It is the second set of the teeth which will drop down at any age or continue through life time . Permanent teeth is strong as compare to milk teeth .

  • Types of Teeth :

There are four types of teeth present in human body .They are as follow ,

a) Incisor :

Incisor teeth is present in front in the mouth .In complete set of teeth eight incisor teeth is present i.e four incisor teeth present in upper jaw and four teeth is present in lower jaw . Incisor teeth is usually used by human for cutting and biting the food .

b) Canine :

Canine teeth is present beside at backward side if insicor teeth .There are  four canine teeth is present in the mouth of human i.e two at upper jaw and two at lower jaw .It is the most sharp and pointed teeth present in complete set .It is used by the human for shrewding and tearing the food .

c) Premolar :

Premolar teeth is present is located just behind the canine teeth .There are four premolar we see but actually it’s eight premolar i.e two combine makes one premolars is present in human .The four premolar is present on top and four present in bottom .Premolar is generally used by human to breakdown the food i.e for chewing .

d) Molar :

The molars teeth is the strongest teeth .It is present attached with premolar teeth .There are total eight molar teeth is present , two in one teeth .Molar teeth is used by human to crushing and grinding the food .

  • Question based on topic :

1) What is Teeth?

2) How many types of sets of teeth ? Which are they?

3) Where did Incisor teeth is present ?

4) For what purpose molar teeth is used by human?

5) How the canine teeth is used by lions?

6) Explain about premolar teeth.

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