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Calendar for Kids

A calendar is a structured organisation of the days, weeks, and months that makes it simple to identify the date, week, or month of a given day. Finding a specific day on a given date when a reference date is given, finding a specific day on a given date when a reference day is not […]

Number & Letter Puzzle for Kids

A enjoyable and autonomous method of learning is through puzzles. Young children are fascinated to the shape and form of letters and numbers when they first discover them. Retention is aided by being able to trace or manipulate a letter or number with your finger. There are two types of alphabet and number puzzles. A […]

Tables 1 to 10,00,000

Tables 1 to 10,00,000 Tables are the most crucial calculation we come across in our day-to-day lives while solving a complicated Math problem. It takes time, and severe concentration to figure out Tables and then proceed with further process of solving the problem. Following are the steps to solve Tables that can take least amount […]