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Statistics Course: After 12th Courses, Duration, Top Colleges, Fees, Admission Process, Syllabus, Job Opportunities, and Salary

statistics course duration, eligibility, top colleges, fees, admission process, syllabus, job opportunities, and salary

statistics course: After 12th Courses, Duration, Top Colleges, Fees, Admission Process, Syllabus, Job Opportunities, and Salary

Learn the top statistics courses for applied mathematics, statistical methods, and many more. Various colleges or universities offer courses at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels in statistics.

Statistical Science Course

Statistics is the study that collects, presents, analyzes, and interprets empirical data. It is the field of science that makes decisions based on data. The statistics course will help to understand the proper methods to collect the data. Some candidates may find this field exciting due to its challenging assumptions. Among the candidates, this field is the best choice when it comes to building a career. Statisticians are professionals and they use statistics to design and interpret the data. Economics, biology, sports, medicine, public health, and marketing are fields of statistics. Candidates who want to work with bankers, chambers, insurance companies, social workers, and labor unions, are in right place. To pursue a career in this field, candidates need to complete courses in the statistics field. For more knowledge, candidates can read the below information.

Are Statistical Science Courses Suitable for Everyone?

Not everyone. Only those who have passed class 12 are suitable for the statistics courses. Candidates can pursue the UG program in statistics on completion of class 12. To pursue a PG program, candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree in statistics.

Best Courses to Pursue In Statistical Science?

A list of statistics courses where candidates can pursue Diploma, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate level programs.

  • Diploma in Statistics
  • Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications
  • Bachelor of Arts in Statistics
  • Bachelor of  Science in Statistics (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with statistics
  • Masters of Science in Statistics
  • Masters of Science in Mathematics.
  • M. Tech. in Quality & Reliability and operations research.
  • Masters of Science (MS) in Quantitative Economics
  • Ph. D in Statistics
  • Ph. D in Mathematic

Duration of the Course

A Diploma in Statistics is a PG Diploma course and its duration is 1 year. The certificate course in Statistical methods and Applications takes 1 academic year the completion. The duration of the undergraduate course for a Bachelor of Science or BSc (Hons) in Statistics is 3 years, a Bachelor of Arts or BA in Statistics is 3 years and A Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Statistics is 3-4 years. The MSc (Master of Science) in Statistics, MSc (Master of Science) in Mathematics, and MSc (Masters of Science) in Quantitative Economics are postgraduate courses with a duration of 2 years.  The duration of an MTech in Quality &Reliability and operations research is 2 years and it is a full-time program. In statistics, Ph.D. is a Doctoral course in statistics that takes 2 years to complete. The duration of the doctoral degree course Ph.D. mathematics is 2-3 years.

Required skills for Statistical Science

In this article, some skills that are required for statistical courses are mentioned. Candidates should possess a few skill sets to complete statistics courses successfully. The skills which are very essential for statistics are communication skills, Computer Skills, Strong Mathematical abilities, Analytical skills, Problem-solving skills, and Teamwork and Collaborative skills.

Statistical Science Course Top Colleges

Top colleges list for Statistics courses that offer many diplomae, undergraduate and postgraduate level courses to pursue. Candidates can check out the following list in order to apply for admission.

1.) Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai.

2.) College of Engineering, Chennai.

3.) Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

4.) Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (HQ)

5). Osmania University, Hyderabad.

6.) Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.

7.) The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSC), Chennai.

8.) The Mehta Research Institute of Mathematics & Mathematical Physics (MRI), Allahabad.

9.) University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.

10.) Savitri Bai Phule Pune University

Statistical Science Course Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates should know the eligibility criteria for Statistics courses,who wish to pursue these courses at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels.
  • For the PG Diploma and UG programme, candidates should have passed class 12 in mathematics or statistics.
  • Also, they must have scored 50% aggregate marks from any recognized board.
  • To pursue a master’s degree in Statistics, Candidates should have completed a bachelor’s degree in statistics or in relevant streams (With Statistics as a subject in it).
  • Master’s degree course in Statistics should be strictly completed by the candidate to pursue a Doctoral course in Statistics.

Statistical Science Course Admission Process

For the MSc statistics admission, the colleges select candidates through both entrance examinations and merit-based. Candidates who wish to apply for the PG program in Statistics, need to appear for the entrance test if the institute has mentioned it in the criteria. Few colleges or universities consider entrance exams such as CSIR NET, JNU Entrance Exam, ISI Entrance Exam, and BHU PET for admission to the course.

Statistical Science Course College Fees


Sr. no.


Colleges or University







Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai


INR 1,50,000




College of Engineering, Chennai



Not disclosed




Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur


INR 82,600




Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (HQ)


INR 1,40,200




Osmania University, Hyderabad.


INR 4,600 to INR 3,00,000




Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai


INR 20,000




The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSC), Chennai


INR 1,00,000




The Mehta Research Institute of Mathematics & Mathematical Physics (MRI), Allahabad



Not Disclosed




University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad



INR 50,000




SavitribaiPhule Pune University


INR 15,300

Statistical Science Subjects and Syllabus

The syllabus of Statistics is the only thing that will help you to learn this course. The institutes cover specific topics at a specific time period for the candidates.

Common Subjects and Syllabus for Diploma in Statistics, Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications, Bachelor of Arts in Statistics, Bachelor of Science in Statistics (Hons), Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with statistics, Masters of Science in Statistics, Masters of Science in Mathematics, M. Tech. in Quality & Reliability and operations research, Masters of Science (MS) in Quantitative Economics, Ph. D in Statistics and Ph. D in Mathematics.

Mathematical Finance Probability Distributions
Probability Theory Statistical Infer
Statistical Methods Linear Algebra
Demoivre’s theorem Descriptive Statistics 1
Numerical Analysis Utility and Production Functions
Time Series Differential Calculus
Random Variables Index Numbers
Equations theories, Fundamental theorem of algebra and its consequences Measures of location (or central tendency) and dispersion
Inverse interpolation General Linear models
Inequalities Sample Surveys
Population Statistics Stratified random sampling
The expectation of random variables and their properties Fundamental theorem of algebra and its consequences
Demand Analysis Review of Differential Equations
Basic sampling methods Mathematical Methods
Review of integration and definite integrals Numerical integration
Descriptive Statistics 2 Sampling Distributions
Binary Relations Probability
Real Analysis Economical & Official Statistics
Determinants of Matrices Algebra
Statistical Quality Control Programming Language C
Time Series Analysis & Sample Survey Methods Sampling Distributions and Statistical Infer
Stochastic Processes Computation & Data Analysis
Quantitative analysis Actuarial Statistics
Operations Research Bio Statistics

Responsibilities of Statistical Science

Each and every field educate candidates in order to make them expert for future responsibilities. In this field, graduates of statistics need to fulfill many duties when they will go to work. The professionals of statistics are responsible for inspecting, transforming, and modeling data to support decisions. They are also responsible for many activities such as using scientific methods and algorithms, collection, analysis, survey, and management of data, accessing the statistical risk, using complex mathematical problems in advanced statistics and modeling, and providing information to the traders.

Job Opportunities and Salary

Most of the career fields hire individuals of statistics as it is required in every stream. After completing a statistics degree, graduates can start searching for job opportunities in Planning Commissions and Economic Bureaus as well as SataSurvey Agencies. Candidates can even join Insurance, IT, and Banking sectors after pursuing BSc and MSc in Statistics. Some job roles for the graduates of statistics are Professor, Mathematician, Data Analyst, Consultant, Statistician, Risk Analyst, and Biostatistician. The average salary of a Data scientist, Actuarial Analyst, Stock Controller, and Web Analytics Specialist ranges between INR 4,50,000 to INR 5,00,000 per annum. A fresher candidate who is graduated in statistics can earn around INR 3,20,000 per annum. In this field of Statistics, the Data Scientist post is the highest-paying position.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duration of the BSc Statistics course?

The BSc Statistics is a bachelor’s level course of 3 years.

Can I Pursue online courses in Statistics?

Yes. Online courses in statistics are available for candidates who cannot attend the studies on regular basis. Some courses are also offered for free of cost. For the paid ones, you just need to pay about INR 1000 for the course.

Is Statistics tough to understand?

Tough or Easy, it depends on the statistics courses that you will be learning. In the Initial phase, you will feel that the statistics are easier. But, as you learn advanced courses you may face difficulties while studying. As the courses include out-of-context teaching.

Which is the best course in Statistics?

All the statistics courses are good to pursue. But, it depends on you and your abilities which course you find exciting or interesting.

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