Soil pollution

  • What is soil pollution?

The soil pollution is defined as the presence of toxic substances in high amount in soil which is harmful for environment .

The soil is polluted because of human activities day by day. The soil pollution contain pollutants and contaminants. The polluted substance are those substance which is responsible for the contamination of soil.The soil pollution is hazardous for the human life , agriculture ,living organism ,etc. There are various sources which are responsible for soil pollution i.e Acid rain , biological agents, deforestation ,mining , urban waster ,industrial waste, Agricultural .

1) Acid rain :

The acid rain occurs because of the air pollution. The acid rain impact found on soil ,as it makes soil infertile.

2) Biological agents :

Soil got large amount of waste from living organism such as human ,birds and animal.The excretory substance of living organism in high amount pollute the soil.

3) Deforestation :

The deforestation is responsible for the soil pollution as the removal of tress loose the soil which leads to soil erosion and the waste products gets open space to collect.

4) Mining :

The mining activities occurs soil pollution on large scale as it disturb the inner surfaces of soil .The mining activities leak the hazardous materials which is not good for soil.

5) Urban waste :

The developing countries have the problem controlling the disposal of municipal garbage .The garbage contain plastic , polythene bags ,etc which do not decomposed in soil and pollutes the soil.

6) Industrial waste :

The industrial waste is most responsible for the soil pollution. The industrial waste is so harmful for soil as well as environment .The chemical waste pollutes the soil in large quantity.

7) Agricultural fertilizer:

The fertilizer which is used improperly and in large quantity is responsible to pollute the soil .More use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides gets pollute the soil.

  • Question based on topic :

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