Burning fuel produces smoke and ash. Petrol, diesel, wood, coal, kerosene like fuel burns and produces blackish gas called as Smoke.

It is dangerous to human body. We can see Smoke in factories also.

In factories, smoke is present in huge amount so it is harmful for workers while they are working in factory so with the help of chimney that release smoke out from factory.

Smoke spreads air pollution in environment. We use vehicles which based on fuel like petrol, diesel or any other supplementary fuel.

Due to excess of oil percentage in vehicle it produces black smoke.

Dangerous gases are present in smoke.

Question 1) State disadvantages of air pollution?

Answer Air pollution is caused by dust and smoke.

Global warming,

Climate changes disturb due to air pollution,

Respiratory diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, Etc.

Acid rain is caused by air pollution.

Question 2) What is the role of Chimney?

Answer- chimney is needed for fuel fire places as well as in our kitchen.

Just because it is necessary to our inner gas to out. Chimney helps to out smoke from house, factories.

Question 3) How smoke is produced?

Answer- smoke is produced while fuel burning and incomplete burning of fuel. Blackish gas is released. It is harmful for living life and also containing many chemical gases.

Question 4) How smoke is harmful for living things?

Answer- Smoke causes cancer, lung diseases, diabetes and any other breathing issue like disease.

Bronchitis is getting damage due to air pollution.

Immune system is disturb by air pollution.

Skin issues, Neuron system also affect due to air pollution.

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