It is always an interesting topic for science students that how exactly human body works?

Now a days science able to answer all the questions that we think in our mind. So we will start our discussion with some basic questions. You have to give answers based on your general  knowledge.

Apply your knowledge :

1.) Do you know how human body can move ?

Answer :- Yes, human body can move with the help of bone.

2.) What are the major parts of human body ?

Answer :- Organs, bones, muscle and blood.

3.) Do you know which part of body can fracture ?

Answer :- Yes, bone in the body can get fracture.


Question and answers :

1.) What is skeleton ?

Answer : The tough and protective structure of the organism

2.) What is the role of skeleton ?

Answer :- It gives shape to the body and protection.

3.) What is bone ?

Answer : The major part of the body, so that body can move.

4.) What is muscle ?

Answer :-Muscle is the part of the body which helps the organs to move.

5.) How many bones are present in the body ?

Answer :- 206

6.) What is cartilage ?

Answer :- The soft part of the body which can bend.

The human body made up of various parts such as bones, muscles, blood and organs. But majorly human body have shape due to presence of skeleton as given in diagram. So skeleton can be defined as it is the tough and protective structure of the organism, giving shape to the body. This skeleton mainly consist of bones, cartilage and soft tissues. So, first question comes in mind

what are the roles of skeleton in human ?

  • Skeleton protects internal organs of the body from any damage.
  • It helps to hold the whole body together.
  • It gives shape to the body.
  • Skeleton mainly help in movement of body parts.

These are the major roles of skeleton in the body.  Now as we discussed skeleton contains skull, bones, spine, pelvis, muscles and cartilage. So lets discuss every term one by one.

1.) Skull :It is the part of the brain, this skull protects the brain that is head from any damage. It have different types of bones. Skull gives framework to the brain and gives structure to the face.

2.) Bone :Bones support our body, gives shape to the body and with the help of bones we can able to move from one location to another, and move our body. They protect the internal organs from damage. At the time of birth there are 270 bones present in body, but they are soft bones and in adult person 206 bones are present. Bones are joined to each other, and the site is called joint. These are some diagrams of bone.

3.) Muscles :Muscle is the part of the body which helps the organs to move. There are 640 muscles are present in the body.

4.) Cartilage :There are some parts on skeleton which are not as hard as bones, but they can be bent. For example : our ear cab easily bend so that is because of cartilage. This cartilage present in every place in body nut can be mainly feel on ear.

5.) Pelvis bone and shoulder bone : Due to shoulder bone our hands can rotate and the pelvis bone is present in lower part of body, therefore due to pelvis bone our body can bend.

Skeleton : Diagram

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