Simple Present and Present Continuous Tense Class 6 English Grammar Worksheet

Simple Present and Present Continuous Tense Class 6 English Grammar Worksheet

Hello Students, welcome to Net Explanations. On this page we have posted Simple Present and Present Continuous Tense Class 6 English Grammar Worksheet Extra Questions Answers.

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  • Time : 20 Minute.
  • Total Marks : 40

1.)  Fill in the blanks using simple present and present continuous tense. (10 Marks)

a.) He ______ (go) to school now.

b.) He _____ (go) everyday.

c.) The river ____ under the bridge(flow)

d.) The earth______ around the sun (revolve)

e.) Aryan ____ cricket every evening (play)

f.) Rima ____ up early in the morning

g.) they are _______ football .(play).

h.) He is ____ a movie on T.V. {watch).

i.) The spectators  are  ______ with the song.(clap).

j.) She is _____ for a job.(look).

2.) Rewrite the following passage using simple present tense. (10 Marks)

There are many tourist spots in West Bengal. Darjeeling is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the state. It was a mountainous abode. I, with some of my classmates and five teachers, went to visit Darjeeling for our school trip. We began our journey from Sealdah Station in Kolkata. It was a 2 day train journey to our next stop of the journey, New Jalpaiguri. On 30th September, our train departed from Sealdah at night. There were many co-passengers in the compartment. The train began to run. I had a lower birth. I was looking out the window the entire journey. The train was crossing the bridges, the hedges and the ditches. Sometimes it was whistling by the painted stations. After some time, I lay down. It was a thrilling journey to our destination.

3.) Fill in the blanks with simple present and present continuous tenses. (10 Marks)

a.) Where _____ you ______ now? I _____ to the theatre.

b.) Mr Gupta ____ us English every day.

c.) Ms Anusuya ______ (take) our class just now.

d.) The sun ____ in the east.

e.) The cock ____ (crow) before dawn every day.

f.) She regularly ______ (knit) in the afternoon.

g.) When water _____, it ____ into ice.

h.) Ali ____ homework at night.

i.) She generally _____ (wear) a blue saree,

j.) He usually ____ (walk) from his home to school.

4.) Convert the following sentences to negative present sentences. (10 Marks)

a.) She learns her lesson.

b.) I clean my room myself.

c.) They pay the bill in time.

d.) We sit in the class.

e) He likes to read science fiction.

f.) Pine trees grow in the forest.

g.) I take medicines regularly.

h.) I like western music.

i.) He writes a beautiful poem.

j.) Ravi plays cricket.

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