Separation of Mixture


In our surrounding we see number of substances. Mostly it is made from two or more than two substances and form mixture pattern.

Some mixtures are usable and some time it is unusable that’s why we use technique separates them.

But can you imagine how it happens?

Is it possible to use same technique for all mixture types?

It is not possible to separate all the things with the help of one kind of a mixture technique. So we use separation techniques.

In this chapter we will discuss on the separation techniques like a filtration, sedimentation, decantation, hand-picking, winnowing, threshing and many more.

Question 1) what is mixture?

Answer- when two or more than two things are mix together this is called as a mixture.

Question 2) Mixture is existing in pure form?

Answer- No.

Question 3) why do we need to separate mixtures?

Answer- By using separation technique we obtain a pure form of substances. Separate impurities of it.

Question 4) an alloy is mixture. Justify this sentence.

Answer- When a substance is made from more than two metals and showing metallic characters is called as alloy. i.e. mixture.

Question 5) what is solution?

Answer- When solute is dissolve in solvent it makes solution.

Question 6) what is a physical method of separation technique?

Answer- Handpicking, threshing, winnowing, magnetic separation is a few examples of physical method of separation.

Question 7) what us chemical methods of separation technique?

Answer- Saturation, Distillation, Evaporation, etc. are examples of chemical separation technique


When two or more than two substances combine together is called as mixture.

Mixture is are two types

Homogenous & Heterogeneous mixture

Question 1) Air is mixture. Justify the sentence.

Answer- Air contains oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and many more gases. Therefore, air is mixture.

Homogenous mixture

Homo- same

When two or more than two substances is completely mixed with each other and form uniform mixture is called as homogeneous mixture. It can be solid, liquid and gaseous mixture which is completely mixing with each other. It does not have identical or visible layer in mixture.

Example- Salt and water, alloys, alcohol and water, etc.

Question 1) is it possible to separate homogeneous mixture?

Answer- Yes, with the help of several laboratory techniques we can separate homogeneous mixture.

Heterogeneous mixture

Hetero – different

When two or more than two substances is not completely mixed with each other and form non-uniform mixture is called as Heterogeneous mixture. It has identical and visible layer of substance.

E.g. Sugar and Sand, etc.

Question 1) Blood is Heterogeneous Mixture. Explain.

Answer- blood consist red blood cell, plasma and platelets therefore, blood is example of heterogeneous mixture.

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