Selina Concise Physics Solutions For Class 7th all Chapters

Selina Concise Physics Solutions For Class 7th

Selina Concise is basically dedicated to the development of students brains and answering their queries with easy language, expert answers and doubt clearing sections. The book is especially designed keeping in mind the syllabus of ICSE board and the difficulty level faced by the students of ICSE boards. With the help of this platform, we promises to fulfill the requirements of a students mind and clear all confusions with ease and expert. This book contains many features as:

1- Easy and detailed solutions with previous year questions marked.

2– Expert notes to prepare for exams.

3- Proper explanations with examples and tricks to solve them.

4- Extra questions for quick revision through chapter maps and keywords.

5- Basics of physics with numericals to understand mathematical aptitude.

6- Easy methods of derivations with basics of physics

7- Modern approach of teaching via colored sections and highlighted questions to focus.

8- Higher order questions for upgrading the knowledge of students

9- Covers all the ICSE textbook numericals with extra questions

10- Explanation of concepts from core to make students understand better.

Selina Concise Physics Solutions For Class 7th All Chapter

As physics runs on laws and facts, we’re here to provide you the expertise with experience and utmost knowledge about the subject. Being one of the most difficult subjects we understand why students do not take too much interest in this subject. To restore that interest and trust on physics and its applications we bring you this beautiful book of solutions ranging from basics to higher order skills and answers from the experts. Physics has to be learned with patience, mathematical mind and subject matter expert to bring the best of the subject knowledge in you. ICSE board textbooks have always been of difficult level and thus requires references to learn and master the subject. By the means of this book we hope to cover everything which might trouble a 7th class learning student. The book covers the syllabus of ICSE board and understands the types of questions asked in exams.

The creators of this book are highly learned professionals with multiple degrees in the concerned subject, that is physics and understands how a difficult board like ICSE might prepare question papers to upgrade their students and push them to learn more. Answers provided are of best quality and easy language . As a book dedicated to specially physics , we hope to give utmost level of quality and assure to bring more materials to enhance the level of education in schools and other educations institutes. At last we welcome you to learn , grow and develop with us.


Q.1. Why Selina concise only?

Ans. Selina concise contains answers to all your queries with easy examples and easy to read notes.

Q.2. What is Selina concise?

Ans. Selina concise is a book which is like a reference for ICSE containing expert answers and best in the market knowledge for excellence in the subject.

Q. 3. How many chapters are there in the Selina concise book for class 7th ?

Ans. There are 7 chapters in the book from Physical quantities and measurements to electricity and magnetism.

Q.4. How this book has better answers than any other publication?

Ans. The solutions provided here are from the best read professors and expert in subject matter people. We assure you the level of answers here are better.

Q.5. What is the best way to study this book?

Ans. We suggest you to go through the book firstly to understand the level of difficulty and then start with reading the definitions , short answers and then to the mathematical problems.