Selina Concise Class 8 Math Chapter 1 Rational Numbers Exercise 1C Solutions

Selina Concise Class 8 Math Chapter 1 Rational Numbers Exercise 1C Solutions

ICSE Class 8 Selina solution: Rational Numbers Chapter 1. Here you get easy solutions of ICSE Class 8 Math Book Chapter 1. Here we give Chapter 1 all solution of Class 8. Its help you to complete your homework. If you follow this site you get all your book problems with its easy solutions. Its help you in your study and all homework problems. Here is all easy and short type answer for your help. ICSE Selina Math solution give you lots of solutions and help increase your result.

Board – ICSE

Text Book – Selina Concise

Class – 8

Chapter – 1


(10) Name the multiplication property of rational numbers shown below:

(i) Commutativity Property

(ii) Associativity Property

(iii) Distributivity Property

(iv) Existence of inverse

(v) Existence of identity

(11) Fill in the blanks:

(i) The product of two positive rational numbers is always positive.

(ii) The product of two negative rational numbers is always positive.

(iii) If two rational numbers have opposite signs then product is always negative.

(iv) The reciprocal of a positive rational number is positive and the reciprocal of a negative rational numbers is negative.

(v) Rational number 0 has no reciprocal.

(vi) The product of a rational number and its reciprocal is 1.

(vii) The numbers 1 and -1 are their own reciprocals.

(viii) If m is reciprocal of n, then the reciprocal of n is m.

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