Selina Concise Class 6 Physics Inside Question Answer – Light

Light : Selina Concise Class 6 Physics Inside Question Answer

Selina Concise Physics Class 6 Inside Based Question Paper with All Answer. Now of days for ICSE Class 6 Students, it is not enough to Learn only Exercise Questions Answers. As because most of the time Examiners will give Inside Question Answer from that respective Chapter. So Here in this page Our Experts provided All Selina Concise Class 6 Physics Inside Questions & Answers – Light.

(1) Define Light? How Light travels? What is the speed of light.

Ans. Light is a form of energy that effects our eyes to produce the sensation of vision.

Light travels in straight line in form of rays.

The speed of light is 3 x 108 m/s.

(2) How the object is visible to us?

Ans. There is brightness all around of us even if the sun light does not directly reach us. The reason is that the light given out by the sun spreads in all directions by the particles of the atmospheric air. This process is called the scattering of light. It is the scattered light which reaches all places around us even when no direct light from sun reaches there. This scattered sunlight makes object visible to us.

(3) How light travels to earth?

Ans. Light does not require any medium for its propagation. It can travel through a vaccum. However if there is any medium it can travel through it also. Light reaches earth from the sun after travelling through vaccum and through air.

(4) What is divergent beam of light.

Ans. The beam of light given out from a point source at a finite distance spreads out in different directions. It is called a divergent beam of light.

(5) Write the characteristics of the image formed by the pin hole camera?

Ans. Characteristics are-

(i) It is real that is it is formed on the screen.

(ii) It is inverted or upside doen.

(iii) It is generally smaller in size than object.

(6) Define Luminous bodies and Non Luminous bodies with example.

Ans. The bodies which themselves emit light are called Luminous bodies. Examples – Torch, electric Lamp, electric tube light etc.

The bodies which do not emit light by their own but they shine because of the light falling on them from a Luminous body are called Non-Luminous bodies. Example – Moon, earth, chair etc.

(7) What is rectilinear propagation of light.

Ans. Light travels in a straight line path. This is called rectilinear propagation of light.

(8) Define opaque medium with example.

Ans. A medium which does not allow any light to pass through it, is called am opaque medium.

Examples: Wood, metals etc.

(9) Should We have seen the eclipse with naked eye?

Ans. No, its should not. No eclipse should be seen with the nakes eyes because direct rays from the sun may harm the eyes. To seen a eclipse, a card board with a pin hole must be placed before a wall or a screen and the image of eclipse formed on the wall must be seen through the hole.

(10) When Image and Shadow is formed in our life?

Ans. Image is formed when light reaches an object.

shadow is formed when light does not reach an object, but is obstructed by the object.

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