Selina Concise Class 6 Physics Inside Question Answer – Force

Selina Concise Physics Class 6 Inside Based Question Paper with All Answer. Now of days for ICSE Class 6 Students, it is not enough to Learn only Exercise Questions Answers. As because most of the time Examiners will give Inside Question Answer from that respective Chapter. So Here in this page Our Experts provided All Selina Concise Class 6 Physics Inside Questions & Answers – Force.

Force : Selina Concise Class 6 Physics Inside Question Answer

(1) What is Force?

Ans. A force is that cause which changes the state of a body or changes the size or shape of the body is called Force.

(2) What is Balanced forced and Unbalance Force?

Ans. If a force does not change the state of the body from rest to motion or grom motion to rest, it is called a balanced forced.

If a force changes the state of rest to motion or the state of motion to rest, it is called Unbalanced force.

(3) List some of four effects of a Force.

Ans. The effects are – (a) a force can move a bodyOriginally at rest.

(b) A force can stop a moving body.

(c) A force can slow down a moving body(d) a force can change the shape or size of a body.

(4) What is the SI unit and gravitational unit of force.

Ans. The SI unit of force is Newton (N).

The gravitational unit of force are kgf and gf.

(5) Classify the forces by depending upon the application and define them.

Ans. Depending upon the application of forces they are classified by two categories –

(I) Contact forces (II) Non Contact forces.

* Contact forces:- The force which acts on bodies by making an actual contact, is called Contact force.

* Non Contact Forces:- Forces which acts on bodies with no contact forces or forces from a distance.

(6) What is Friction?

Ans. Friction is the force that opposes the relative motion between the two surfaces in contact with each other.

(7) Why did the bicycle stop when we stop pedaling?

Ans. When we stop pedaling of bicycle then the bicycle stop because if we stop pedaling our bicycle, it gradually slows down and ultimately it stops after drawelling a certain distance for frictional force. This force always opposes the motion.

(8) How the friction of force depends upon?

Ans. The force of friction depends upon –

(a) The smoothness or roughness of the surfaces in contact.

(b) The weight of the sliding on rolling body.

(9) What is gravitational force, Electrostatic force and Magnetic force.

Ans. * Gravitational force between two bodies at a distance, such as the force of attraction between two heavily bodies, the force of attraction a body by earth.

* Electrostatic force between two charged bodies at a distance either repel or attract each other. Unlike charges attract while the like charges repeal.

* Magnetic force between the poles of two magnets at a distance. Like poles repeals each other. While the unlike poles attract each other.

(10) State the effects of friction. Write it

ans. The effects of friction –

(i) Friction opposes motion

(ii) Friction always acts in a direction opposite to the direction of motion.

(iii) Friction produces heat.

(iv) Friction causes wear and tear.

(11) What is rolling Friction.

ans. The minimum force required to roll a body on a surface is called the force of rolling friction.

(12) Write the disadvantages of Friction.

Ans. The disadvantages of friction are –

(a) Friction opposes motion

(b) Friction produces heat.

(c) Friction causes wear and tear.

(d) Friction reduces efficiency.

(13) How can we reduced friction.

Ans. Friction can be reduced by –

(a) making the surfaces smooth.

(b) to use of lubricants

(c) to the use of ball bearing.

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