Selina Concise Class 6 Biology Inside Question Answer – Habitat and Adaptation

Habitat and Adaptation : Selina Concise Class 6 Biology Inside Question Answer

Selina Concise Biology Class 6 Chapter 8 Inside Based Question Paper with All Answer. Now of days for ICSE Class 6 Students, it is not enough to Learn only Exercise Questions Answers. As because most of the time Examiners will give Inside Question Answer from that respective Chapter.

So Here in this page Our Experts provided All Selina Concise Class 6 Biology Inside Questions & Answers – Habitat and Adaptation Extra Questions.

(1) Define Habitat. How many habitats have in the Environment.

Ans. The natural home of an organism and its immediate surroundings is called its habitat. The habitat of any living creature should be a place where it can find shelter, food, water and suitable conditions.

There are different types of habitats in which different types of organisms are found. These are –

i) Aquatic habitat.

ii) Terrestrial habitat.

iii) Aerial Habitat.

(2) What is meant by Adaptation?

Ans. Adaptation is the development of any structure or function in an organism which makes it more efficient for survival in a particular environment or habitat i.e. adaptations are the changes in the body or behavior of an organism that enable it to survive comfortably and successfully in a habitat.

(3) Write about adaptations in desert habitat.

Ans. Deserts are very ht and fry habitats. Camel is one of the well known examples of animals living in Desert. It is also called the ‘Ship of the desert’. The body structure of a camel helps it to survive in desert conditions.

The camel is adapted to life in the desert in many ways.

(4) Write about adaptations in Aerial Habitat.

Ans. Birds, Bats and insects fly in the air, i.e. they are fliers. Adaptations for flight are called aerial adaptations.

To be able to fly, the foremost requirement of an organism is to posess. Some kind of wings, their corresponding flight muscles and a streamlined body to encounter least resistance while flying in the air.

Birds are undoubttedly masters of aerial life. Their body is perfectly adapted for flying. Various aerial adaptation found in birds.

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