Sedimentation and decantation

Sedimentation and decantation

We unable to separate the solid liquid mixture with hand easily so, we apply this process on respected mixture and perform separation technique.

Sedimentation is suspended particles. Sedimentation process is performing in insoluble substances.

In sedimentation process heavier particles settle down in bottom due to Gravity effect. That settle down particles is called as Sediments.

For example- In mixture of stones & water, Stones are settling down in water solution.

Another example is Muddy water mixture, mud contain dust, sand, soil impurity. This impurity is automatically settled down due to gravity.

When sediments are settling down in bottom and water is float on surface that upper surface water is called as supernant liquid.

After that this supernant solution pours in another glass without disturbing this sediment particle. This solution pouring process is called as Decantation.

In decantation process two immiscible liquids are separated.

For example oil and water.

Question 1) If we want to increase rate of sedimentation as soon as possible what can we do?

Answer- Add alum in that solution it will help to increase rate of sedimentation in minimum time.

Question 2) Give daily life example of Sedimentation and Decantation.

Answer- Rice in water, soil/mud in water tank, etc.

Question 3) what is supernant liquid.

Answer – when sediment particle is settling down in solution and remaining liquid is float on surface area. That liquid is called as supernant liquid.

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