SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 7 Coding And Its Importance

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 7 Coding And Its Importance

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 7 Coding And Its Importance full exercise Solution by Computer Sir. Here in this page we have provided SEBA – The Board Of Secondary Education, Assam Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 7 all Question Answer Solution.

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 7: Overview


SEBA / Assam State Board



Computer Science
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Chapter Name

Coding And Its Importance



1. Fill in the blanks :-

a) ISA stands for Instruction Set Architecture

b) Programming is also known as Coding

c) The rules and regulations of a computer programming language is known as grammar or syntax of the language.

d) In machine language, computer programs are written using only binary numbers.

e) In drawing flowcharts, Parallelogram is used for input/output operation.


2. Short answer questions :- (Answers should be preferably be of 2-3 times)

a) How do we write a program in assembly level language.
The expression a=b+ c can be a statement of which type of programming languages ?

Ans :- Assembly language (program writer), must be much familiar within the organization or with the computer structure that is to be used. An assembler, is a translator program which is used for translating the assembly language program into machine code.

b) Name the two basic ingredients if we want to write a computer program for solving a problem.

Ans :- i) Logic or the solution for the program, ii) Syntax of the HLL (High-Level Languages) are the two basic ingredients used to write computer programs


c) Why it is easier for a human being to write programs in high level languages than in machine level language?
Ans :- The higher level languages are very easy to learn and use. Before its execution, high level language programs must be translated into machine language.

3. Long answer questions :- (Answers should be preferably be of 5-6 times)

a) Define the term programming. Write the importance of computer programming.

Ans :- It is a set of rules and regulations which tells/instructs computers regarding what
operations/tasks to perform, is called Programming. Programming is the way how we
communicate with machines in such a manner that it makes them to function, as per our
need/requirement. The other name for programming is Coding.


b) Explain the importance of computer in program execution.

Ans :- CPU is also known as processing element that is available in computer. Computers are used for storing the programs. Programs are stored on the secondary storage. We need computers for writing the program in it.


c) Differentiate between algorithm, flowchart and pseudocode.

Ans :- The difference between Algorithm, flowchart and Pseudocode is as followed :-

i) Algorithm :- It is the set of steps that is arranged in order for solving the given problem.

ii) Flowchart :- The pictorial /diagrammatic way of representing the arranged sets of steps
that are involved in algorithm or for solving the given problem. Different
diagram/symbols are used to draw a flowchart, where each symbol has its dedicated

iii) Pseudocode :- It is the informal way of writing the program. It uses mathematical
symbols and natural language to to express the program. It is much easier to understand as compared to actual code or the program


Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success. 

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