SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 4 Introduction of Internet

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 4 Introduction of Internet

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 4 Introduction of Internet full exercise Solution by Computer Sir. Here in this page we have provided SEBA – The Board Of Secondary Education, Assam Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 4 all Question Answer Solution.

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 4: Overview


SEBA / Assam State Board



Computer Science
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Chapter Name

Introduction of Internet



Chapter 4

Introduction to Internet


1) Fill in the blanks :-

1) The connection structure of a computer network is called Topology

2) Normally server computers are higher storage than client computers.

3) An organization who provides an internet connection to their connection is called Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

4) Based on textual search query search results are ordered in a search engine.

5) The sent sections of an email interface contains successfully delivered Emails.

2) Multiple Choice Questions :

1. A network switched is required to form
a) Star Topology b) Mesh Topology c) Ring Topology d) Bus Topology

Ans: a) Star Topology

2. How many cables are required to form a mesh topology of 10 computers?
a) 15 b) 100 c) 25 d) 45

Ans: d) 45

3. Which of the following is not a protocol?
a) HTTP b) HTTPS c) ISP d) FTP

Ans: c) ISP

4. How many repeaters are required to transfer data upto 400 meters using a twisted pair cable?

a) Not required b) 4 c) 2 d) 3

Ans: a) Not required 

5. Normally unsolicited bulk emails appear in
a) Inbox b) Trash c) Drafts d) Spam

Ans: d) Spam


3) Short answer questions :

1) What is a topology? From your understanding describe which topology will be best to set up a computer network in your school.

Ans :- It is the method of how the computers should be connected to each other in a network is to be known as topology. Bus topology will be best to set up a computer network in the school.

2) Give an example of a URL, and describe different sections of it.
Ans :- The example of URL and its description is as followed :


3) What is ranking? How it is related to a search engine?

Ans :- Ranking means it’s the process of suggesting/asking for the search results. For ranking a search result there are number/various of suggestions. Its totally depend upon the search engines for suggestions, as if different search engines gives different suggestions.


4) What is the use of BCC in an email? Describe with an example.

Ans :- BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy, which is as same as Carbon Copy (CC). BCC is also a method of sending the same copies of the mail to other/different peoples. In the BCC, no recipient can see other BCC’s email id/address.


5) What are the differences between Chat and Video Conferencing?

Ans :- The differences between Chat and Video Conferencing are as follows :-

  • i) Chat :- Chat is the text/multimedia messages that are sent on internet lively. Chat
    messages can be in textual or multimedia form. For doing the chat, the user must
    have his account registered and must be logged in (online) to the chat server or
    chatting site. There are many websites which provides the facilities of chatting to the user. Examples of such websites are – www.,,, Google hangouts etc.


  • ii) Video Conferencing :- It is the communication done by two or more persons by conducting live video on the internet. Video conference also allows people to
    communicate with each other that too at long distance by sending audios, video,
    text etc. help of internet. Web camera is a must for video conferencing. Nowadays
    online education can be perfect example of video conferencing. Some of the video
    conferencing websites are :, google, www. etc.


Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success. 

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