SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 3 Office Application

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 3 Office Application

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 3 Office Application full exercise Solution by Computer Sir. Here in this page we have provided SEBA – The Board Of Secondary Education, Assam Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 3 all Question Answer Solution.

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 3: Overview


SEBA / Assam State Board



Computer Science
Chapter Number


Chapter Name

Office Application


Chapter : 3

(Ms-Word, Ms- Excel, Ms- Powerpoint)

Ms-Word Exercise


1) Fill in the blanks :-

1) Alignment buttons are available on the Home tab.

2) Work Area is the rectangular area of the document window, where user can type his/her content.

3) Portrait format changes the page orientation vertically

4) Page Break command is used to move the text to a new page.

5) Each individual rectangle in a table is called cell

6) Print Preview option is used to display a document before printing.


Multiple Choice Questions :

1) Which extension is given to a document in MS-Word?

a) .odt b) .com c) .docx

Ans: c) .docx


2) The status of your document like current page and number of pages are given by ……………

a) Formatting toolbar b) Status bar c) Standard toolbar

Ans: b) Status bar


3) The general arrangement of the text in the document is ………………………….

a) Margin b) text alignments c) formatting

Ans: c) formatting


4) The ………………….. alignment makes sure that none of the edges of text appear ragged.

a) Left b) right c) center d) justify

Ans: d) justify


5) Line spacing or paragraph spacing is measured in terms of lines or points, which is known as …………………….

a) text wrapping b) PDF c) leading

Ans: c) leading


6) Header and Footer are inserted at the …………………… of the document.

a) top and bottom b) left and right c) center

Ans: a) top and bottom


3) Answer the following :-

1) How do you locate MS-Word 2007 on your computer system?

Ans :- The following steps will guide you to locate MS-Word 2007 on your computer

  • i) First of all bring your mouse /arrow pointer on Start button and click on it. It is available on the blue bar(known as Task bar) at the bottom of the screen.
  • ii) Select and click the option All Programs
  • iii) A pop-up box opens where you have to select and click the option as MS-Office
  • iv) When you click on MS-Office option, a list of programs/applications that comes under MS-Office. From the displayed list select MS-Word 2007 .


2) What is formatted text?

Ans :- Formatted Text is where the text is been created/designed by changing the handwriting pattern of the text, colour of the text, applying shading to the text, adding/removing the lines below the selected text, making the selected text appear in dark letters, font size, alignment etc. to attract the attention of reader.


3) What is Mail Merge?

Ans :- Mail Merge helps the user to crate multiple envelops, letters, labels etc, by making use of the information that is stored in a database/spreadsheet.


4) What is Data Source?

Ans :- Data source is the means of getting information or data like spreadsheet, document, database are the sources which provides information to the user such as their names, addresses, contact details etc.


5) What are Table Styles?

Ans :- Table styles are the pre-defined designs, templates, which can be applied for the created tables, by which the table looks attractive.


6) Write the name of alignments, which are available in MS-Word 2007.

Ans :- The name of alignments that are available in MS-Word 2007 are Left, center, right and justify alignments.


7) What is the difference between the Save and Save As option?

Ans :- The difference between the Save and Save As option is as followed :-

  • i) Save option :- By making use of this option, the user can save the changes made tothe file/ document after saving the file/document process is over.
  • ii) Save as option :- With the help of this options we can save the newly created file/document for first time by applying our name to it.


8) Write the steps to insert Word Art text in a document.

Ans :- The steps to insert Word Art text in a document is as followed :-

  • i) In the Text group of Insert tab, select the option as Word Art
  • ii) Select and click on the Word Art that you want to insert.
  • iii) A box display where the user has to type the text. You can also add effect, fill to a Word Art too.


9) What is the need to modify the spacing of the lines or paragraph of your text?

Ans :- The modification of the spacing of lines or paragraph of the text is done, because, when the space between the lines is increased, it will be easier to read.


10) How do you insert a table in your document?

Ans :- There are 3 ways to insert table in your document which are Insert table by adding values, Draw table, and insert table by dragging, the steps to insert table in document are as follows :-

i) Inserting table by dragging :- This method allows the user to insert table by dragging the diagram and clicking on it. Dragging will specify the number of rows and columns to be inserted in table. The steps are :-

  • a) Keep the cursor where you want to insert table in the document.
  • b) From the Insert Tab click on the arrow just below the table command.
  • c) Once you click on the small arrow just below the table command, diagram appears where you can select the number of columns and rows that is to be inserted in the table. Once dragging is done, then click on it. You will find the table is automatically inserted.


ii) Adding table by inserting values :- This method allows the user to insert the table automatically in the document just by defining values of number of rows and columns. The steps are :

  • a) Keep the cursor where you want to insert table in the document.
  • b) From the Insert Tab, click on the arrow just below the table command.
  • c) Select the option as Insert Table from the Insert table drop down list.
  • d) Add the numeric values for the number of rows and columns in the Insert table box that is to be inserted in the table.
  • e) After adding the necessary values, click on OK button. The table automatically gets inserted in document.


iii) Adding table by drawing it:– This method, allows you to add table in the document by drawing it with the help of the pencil. The steps are ;

  • a) Keep the cursor where you want to insert table in the document.
  • b) From the Insert Tab, click on the arrow just below the table command.
  • c) Select the option as Draw Table from the Insert table drop down list.
  • d) Once the option Draw Table is selected, the arrow cursor on the screen gets converted into the form of pencil shape.
  • e) Now click on the pencil shape with the help of mouse and drag it.


MS-Excel Exercise


1) Fill in the blanks :-

1) Excel is a electronic spreadsheet software package

2) Address of the cell at 10th column and 30th row is J30

3) The cell having bold boundary is the active cell

4) Any formula in Excel starts with an is equal to sign =

5) In Relative cell/ Relative referencing, the relative address of the cell gets adjust with respect to the current cell.

6) For absolute referencing, $ dollar sign is used before the parts of formula.

7) If you enter 15+30 in a cell, Excel will display 45

8) Arguments are text, number cell references enclosed within parenthesis in a formula.


2) Multiple Choice Questions :


1) A worksheet is a …………………………..?

a) collection of workbooks b) processing software c) combination of rows and columns d) None of the above

Ans: c) combination of rows and columns


2) By default, a workbook in Excel contains how many worksheets

a) 16 b) 3 c) 15 d) 256

Ans: b) 3


3) The Autofill can apply from

a) Left to right b) right to left c) up to down d) All of these

Ans: d) All of these


4) The default page orientation in Excel is

a) Landscape b) Horizontal c) Portrait d) None of these

Ans: c) Portrait


5) The default alignment of text in a cell is

a) Left b) Right c) Centered d) Justified

Ans: a) Left


6) Cell address $B$$ in a formula means

a) It is a mixed reference b) It is a an absolute reference c) It is a relative reference d) None of the above

Ans: b) It is a an absolute reference


7) A cell range starting from first row, first column to fourth row and fifth column can be represented as

a) [A1:E4] b) [AO:E3] c) [E4:A1] d) [E3:AO]

Ans: a) [A1:E4]


8) COUNTA (4, 78, False, 18) will return …………………………………..

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

Ans: c) 4


9) Which of the following charts is used for comparing the changes in data over a period of time?

a) Bar chart b) area chart c) Scatter chart d) Line chart

Ans: b) area chart


10) For selecting a non continuous range of cells, you need to do what?

a) Press Alt key b) Press shift key c) Press Esc key d) Press Ctrl key

Ans: d) Press Ctrl key


3) Answer the following :-

 1) Define the term workbook

Ans :- Workbook is collection of many worksheets or a single one. It is the separate file just like the other files of other applications.


2) Rohan is new to Excel. His instructor has asked her to open Excel on her PC and questioned him about active cell. Help Rohan in identifying the active cell on his screen.

Ans :- Active cell is the small rectangle box in the worksheet where the box is highlighted with dark black coloured border around it. When the cell is currently active, cursor inside the cell starts to blink which indicates the user its ready to work in it.


3) What is the default alignment of number, text and formula in a spreadsheet

Ans :-The alignment of the number will be center left, text will be at the right side, where as the formula will be right side


4) Sahil has clicked on the cell residing at the intersection of first row and ninth column. What will be the address of the selected cell.

Ans :- If Sahil has clicked on the cell residing at the intersection of first row and ninth column, then the address of the cell will be Alphabet I indicated as column and number 9 indicated as row.


 5) How many cells would be there in the cell range [A1:B2]

Ans :- There would be 4 cells within the cell range [A1:B2].


6) If = 6-5*2 is entered in a cell, then what will be the cell content?

Ans :- If = 6-5*2 is entered in a cell, then the cell content will be – 4


7) In a spreadsheet software, the formula =A1+$A$2 were entered in cell A3 and then copied into cell B3. What is the formula copied into B3

Ans :- Here, you had not made use of any function. If the formula =A1+$A$2 were entered in cell A3 and then copied into cell B3, then the formula would be the same =A1+$A$2


 8) Write down the formula for adding values of cells A1 to A5

Ans :- The formula for adding the values of cells A1 to A5 is

= sum(A1:A5) or = sum (A1+A2+A3+A4+A5)


9) State the difference between COUNT () and COUNTA () function.

Ans :- The difference between COUNT () and COUNT A() function is as followed :-

  • i) COUNT () :- This function is used to only calculate the range/number of cells that only contains numeric values. If any text is type in between, then this function skips the cell that contains text, and does not take within the cell range.
  • ii) COUNT A () :-This function is used to calculate the number of cells that falls within the selected range, it includes the cell which contains text and numeric values with the selected cell range.


10) Write down the importance of legend in charts.

Ans :- Legend are useful in identifying the different plotted data series on the chart. Legends can of different colour, pattern etc which can be easily identified by the user.


11) What is the difference between a workbook and worksheet

Ans :- The difference between a workbook and worksheet are as followed :-

i) Worksheet :– It is the single page in excel where you can work on it. Worksheet is made up rows and columns. There are 16384 columns and 10,48,576 rows total in a single worksheet. The columns are labelled alphabetically from A to XFD and rows from 1 to 10,48,576. There are 3 worksheets named as Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 by default in Excel. You can rename and change the colour of the worksheet name.

ii) Workbook:- It is collection of worksheets. In other terms, it is the file like the other files of different applications. You can save the workbook with your name.


 12) Define the meaning of formula

Ans :- Formula is the sum/ equation which is used to solve arithmetical problems, calculations. Formulas are entered in the cell, and every formula must start with = (is equal to sign). If we don’t add the = (is equal to sign) at the beginning of the formula then we not get desired result. Formulas are totally depend upon the operand/maths symbols in between the values. We can also make use of formula in doing basic calculations in addition, substraction, division and multiplication.


14) Selecting the maximum value of a range A1 to B20.

Ans :- For selecting the maximum value of range A1 to B20 we make use of MAX () function.


15) Calculating average of marks entered in cells E5, F5, G5, H5 and I5

Ans :- For calculating the average of marks entered in cells E5, F5, G5, H5, and I5, we make use of AVERAGE () function.


16) Akriti has entered 49+30 in a cell. The worksheet is not displaying 79 in the cell. Instead,  49+30 is getting displayed. Help, Akriti in rectifying the problem

Ans :- This is because Akriti has not made the use of proper function/formula in solving the problem. She has tried to solve the problem manually by typing 49+30 by her hand. She is unaware about the function/formula for adding the values. If she could have properly entered the formula by Placing the first value of 49 in one cell and the 30 in second cell. Click on the cell where she wants to get the result for the entered value. Now she has to enter the formula/ function as =sum(click on the first value “49” and drag till the second value “30”) press enter key or =sum(click on or input the first

value + click on or input the second value) where the formula will look as =sum(49+30) press enter key. She’ll get the answer as 79 in the result box.


 17) For what purpose Pie charts are useful

Ans :- As per the information/data provided, Pie chart splits/divides the chart/shows the size  of the items. It is displayed as point as the whole pie charts percentage. For the easy identification, it  can be of different colour or pattern.

18) Explain the concept of cell referencing along with its various types.
Ans :- At the time of making use of formula the cell is bee referred, where the cell will be
referred during calculation time. The cell will be referred (cell address) when the formula is been  added. There are three types of cell referencing which are

i) absolute cell referencing ii)  Relative cell referencing and iii) Mixed cell referencing





1. Fill in the blanks :-

1) An electronic page in presentation is called Slide
2) New Slide button for inserting a new slide can be found on Home tab
3) In Slide Sorter view, you can see all the slides in a presentation concurrently.
4) Transition is a special effect that allows to specify how to navigate from one slide to
5) The Custom Animation enhance using the flying effect on the text and character.


2. Multiple Choice Questions :-

1) ……………….. is the default file name for a Powerpoint presentation.

a) Untitled 1 b) Book 1 c) Presentation 1 d) Document 1

Ans: Presentation 1

2) File extension for a Powerpoint 2007 presentation is …………………………

a) .ppt b) .pptx c) .docx d) .xlsx

Ans: .pptx 

3) The custom animation can apply ……………………….

a) Font work gallery b) Gallery c) Text d) All of these

Ans: d) All of these

4) The entire presentation can be seen at a time ………………………….

a) Slide show view b) Outline view c) Normal view d) Slide sorter

Ans: d) Slide sorter

5) Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are ………………………

a) Transitions b) outline view c) custom animations d) annotations

Ans: a) Transitions


Answer the following :-

1) Write down the name of default view in a PowerPoint presentation

Ans :- Normal view is the by default view in a PowerPoint presentation.


2) Differentiate between a presentation and a slide.

Ans :- The difference between presentation and a slide is as followed :-

  • i) Presentation :- Presentation can be a single or a collection of more slides. The
    presentation files are saved with an extension of .pptx along with the name
    that we wish to give. Presentation1 is the by default filename of PowerPoint file.
  • ii) Slide :- Slide is a single page in powerpoint presentation. We can add as much
    as slides that we want in our presentation. You can add text, picture, sound,
    video, etc into your slide. You can also apply the special effects like Transition
    and Animation in the slide. Slides can be viewed by different views.

3) Write use of layouts in PowerPoint.

Ans :- In the slide, the technique which is used to adjust the things and objects is called
layout. There are placeholders for adding different objects like text, video, sound etc.

4) In PowerPoint 2007 under the Insert tab, there is a button named Text Box. What is utility of the feature.
Ans :- The textbox under the Insert tab is used to add any text, which we want to add in
our slide, picture, ClipArt etc.

5) Animation is a feature, which you can use in your presentation. What is the purpose of this feature.
Ans :- Animation is the effect which is applied to the text and characters in the slide. It is
used to make the presentation look much attractive and seek the attention of other towards the topic presented in the presentation.

6) Write three functions that can be performed in slide Sorter view of presentation

Ans :- The three functions that can be performed in slide sorter view of presentation are :

  • i) You can view all the slides at one time.
  • ii) You can change the sequence of the slides by dragging and dropping them.
  • iii) As all the slides are displayed at one time, you can confirm that all the necessary slides are available and nothing is deleted


7) How are Header and Footer useful?

Ans :- Header and Footer is useful in terms that it contains the information like
creators/makers name, date and time, slide number, presentation title etc. The update
option in header and footer a will automatically date and time whenever you open

8) Differentiate between Slide Transition and Custom Animation.

Ans :- The differentiate between Slide Transition and Custom Animation is as followed :-

  • i) Slide Transition :- Slide Transition is the effects applied for movements from
    one slide to another. Slide transition is different from Animation. Transition
    effect is only applied to the slides. The effects can be applied/adjusted in term
    of slide changing like slides can be presented like automatically (No need of
    pressing the mouse button for changing the slides, it changes automatically) or on Mouse click (means the slide will change from one to the next as the mouse
    button is pressed).


  • ii) Custom Animation :- Custom animation is the special effect applied to the
    characters, text or other objects within the presentation slide. Its used to make
    our presentation more attractive.


9) Explain the various views of a slide available in PowerPoint 2007 ?

Ans :- The different views of a slide available in PowerPoint 2007 are :- Normal view, slide sorter view, slide show view, notes page view.

  • i) Normal view :- The presentation is by default viewed in Normal view. In this view, the slides are arranged in a vertical way (which is known as the slide tab positioned at the left side of the task pane) displaying the currently active slide on the screen. You can edit or create or move the slides are in Normal view
  • ii) Slide sorter view :- In this view all the all the slides of the presentation are viewed in the miniature form which means that all the slides are viewed at one time. This view we can drag and drop any slides to rearrange in order.
  • iii) Slide Show View :- In this view the slide is been viewed on the full computer
    screen, just like viewed during presentation. This view provides some features
    which allows to navigate the slides or we can other feature during presentation.
  • iv) Notes Page view :- In this view, there is place at the bottom of each slide for us to add notes regarding the presentation if we wish to. It is also called as speakers note. We can add speakers by this view to the slides. Directly in the placeholders you can add the speakers notes or at the bottom of the slides.


Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success. 

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