SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 10 Recent Developments in IT

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 10 Recent Developments in IT

SEBA Board Solution Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 10 Recent Developments in IT full exercise Solution by Computer Sir. Here in this page we have provided SEBA – The Board Of Secondary Education, Assam Class 9 Computer Science Chapter 10 all Question Answer Solution.

SEBA Board Solution Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 10: Overview


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Recent Developments in IT



1. Fill in the blanks :-

a) A multicore system has only one processing element within it . FALSE (TRUE/FALSE)

b) Processor temperature decreases with a decrease in its operating clock speed.

c) GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit

d) In order to facilitate communication, the cores are embedded with router in case of NoC.

e) Alexa is an example of Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

f) IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response

g) The expected number of IoT devices connected to the Internet soon is 26 crores.

h) Amazon web service is cloud service providers

i) Sending part of an application from the mobile device to powerful machines for its
efficient execution is known as offloading


2. Short answer questions (Answer should preferably be of 2-3 lines)


1) Define a multicore system. Is Intel i7 a multicore system? Explain briefly.

Ans :- Multicore system is a system in which the CPU consists of more than one processing elements (which is popularly known as core). Yes, Intel i7 is a multicore system because the processor of Intel i7 versions/ series has 4 to 6 cores in them with 2 threads for the execution of each core. The cores coordinates with each other and shares the systems memory within them.

2) What is GPU? Why do we need GPU in our computer system?

Ans :- GPU is an electronic circuits which is designed to transfer/ control and change
memory for gaining the faster result on the displaying device. GPU is present on the
graphics card. GPU has hundreds of smaller cores with highly architecture in parallel form. It is mostly used in gaming. GPU’s runs the programs that are written in programming languages like Open CL and CUDA etc.

3) Define 3D NoC architecture. What technology is typically used for connecting one layer with another incase of 3D NoC architecture?

Ans :- 3D NoC is a system in which the cores are been placed together in different layers one layer at the top of other with the help of making use of Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology. With the help of using such technology, further research work is going on in regards of building processors and memory.

4) What is NLP? Mention one of the critical challenges of NLP.

Ans :- NLP is an AI (Artiificial Intelligience) which creates an communication between
machine (computer) language and human language. Its main aim/purpose is to write the computer programs for processing, analyzing large amount of data in such a language that is understood by computer and human language. The examples of NLP are translators, word processors, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and personal assistants like OK Google, Alexa, Siri etc. With the help of human language, there are expressions but not found in machine (computer) language would be the critical challenge of NLP.

5) What is the utility computing? Write one of the primary reasons for its popularity in recent times.

Ans :- It is a service in which computing resources are given to IT customers on specific demand. Utility computing services only charge money to their client only for the service that has been provided/as per their consumption. For improving the capability of our computer systems, we need to increase its capability for there’s increase in the cost of system. And this expenditure is also not worthy/useful. Same like water, gas, electricity, telephone , ola uber etc. we cannot own them but we can take the benefits of the services rendered by them on rent just by paying some amount in the form of service charge or rent amount for the services rendered. By this observation, the utility computing service became popularized.

6) What is mobile clouding computing? How does this technology become handy for the mobile phones to run several applications?

Ans :- Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is a service that and performs the activity of sending all the tasks related to computing thoroughly to the cloud, which can save the battery power. The process of sending of such tasks to MCC is offloading.

7) Write one of the major challenges of MCC while running critical user applications.

Ans :- Due to data transmission, which results to result overhead. The benefits from offline the computation is much lesser than that of data transfer delay overhead and the application does not allow delayness/late. MCC requires high internet bandwidth are some major challenges of MMC while the critical user applications are runned/operated.


3. Long answer questions (Answers should preferably be of 5-6 lines)

1) Is multicore system a good choice? Explain with its merits and demerits and challenges.

Ans :- Yes, it’s a good choice. The merits, demerits and challenges of multicore system is as followed:-


i) Muti core system works very fast depending on the programs.

ii) When the machine(computer) is switched on, it does not get much hot.

iii) This system turns off the unwanted applications/programs which saves much
power and hence computer requires less power

iv) Due to this system many new features are added to the computer.

v) The signals travels at a very less distance between the CPU’s and hence there is
no requirement of updation. They degrade less.


i) As normal processors , this multicore processor does not work fastly as the
speed of single core processor This system works at a speed of 60-80

ii) Multicore processors are more expensive than the single core processors.

iii) Many operating system fails to support this system.

iv) The speed of the computer is much dependent on the user what task its

v) Operating systems which are made for Multi core processors speed will slow
down as compared to the speed of single core processor.


i) Balance:- The work should be divided into sub tasks where the work should
be balanced between both of them. If incase one subsystem is loaded with
lots of work and the other with less, than the multi core system will not
perform better as compared to single core system.

ii) Data splitting :- the task/ data much be divided into smaller subtasks. Data
accessing, data manipulation must also be divided to run on different cores ,
so that the data can achieved by all the sub-tasks.

iii) Data dependency:- As the sub-tasks are divided into smaller ones and runs on
the different cores, then there is a possibility of dependence of one subtask
on the other one, and hence before the execution of whole task, data needs
to be properly checked.

iv) Testing and Debugging :- As the sub-tasks are divided into smaller sub-tasks
and they are processing togetherly. Hence it is more difficult task to test and
debug such sub tasks than to test and debug the application on the single

2) What is near memory computation? How is it different from traditional computations? Why are scientists doing research on memory computation?

Ans :- When the CPU works on the data, it takes the data from the memory. If the data is huge or the place of the data is at distance, it takes time. In near or in the computation, the processing element (CPU) should be located at the near the place, where the data is been allocated. Still there’s research work is going on by industries and academic institutions.

3) What is machine learning? Explain its importance in today’s era?

Ans :- It is a method where machine (computer) is learning on the basis of its experience. The learning algorithms are based on some models and those have to be trained first with the help of large dataset before its real using. The training is much expensive and it needs a lot of time. It also means that it will extract from the dataset, which will help them to take correct decisions on the basis of the features values.


6) What do you understand by the term IoT (Internet of Things)? How can IoT impact human lives in the near future?

Ans :- The things which we use in our daily lives are connected to Internet like (from T-shirts to window curtains and from toothbrush to pen) etc. for exchanging information from one system to another/to communicate, there is requirement of that things much be attached with sensors, computing or connecting elements. IoT has been widely used in the fields of healthcare, home appliances, manufacturing, agriculture etc. It can also be used to built efficient hardware, software’s and communicating setups. In future nearly it is expected that 26 billion IoT devices can be connected.


Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success. 

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