Saturated and unsaturated solution

Saturated and unsaturated solution Saturated solution can perform with salt and water of any salt phase and liquid solvent.

When solution having no more capacity to add solute particles in it this is called as saturated solution. It has maximum quantity of solute particles.

When solution has ability to accept more solute particles in it so that solution is called as unsaturated solution.

This process can perform with heat supplement. Hot liquid have ability to dissolve more substance in it and cool liquid have ability to dissolve less substance in it.

When substance is heated then their dissolving capacity also increases, due to this capacity solute particle is dissolve in solution but at one stage, temperate of solution is not accept more solute particles to dissolve in solution.

If that saturated solution is cool down we get crystal structure of salt particle.

It is pure form of that respected salt.

We can perform this process on chemical salt like copper sulphate, iron sulphate, sugar crystal, common salt etc.

Question 1) what is the Supersaturated Solution?

Answer- When solute is continuously dissolve in solvent and no more solute particles left in solution then that solution is called as super saturated solution

Question 2) Saturated solution dissolves more and more solute in it, what is the helping agent behind it?

Answer- continuous temperature helps to increase dissolving rate of saturated solution.

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