Sankardev School Assam Class 8 English Lesson 3 A voyage Around the Would Solution

Sankardev School Assam Class 8 English Lesson 3 A voyage Around the Would Solution

Sankardev Sishu Niketan School Class 8 English Lesson 3 A voyage Around the Would all Question and Solution by Expert English Teacher. Students of class 8 will get all their textbook questions solution.

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Bharati English Reader







A) Answer the following Questions :

1.) Who was DilipDonde and what was his achievement?

Answer:DilipDonde was a 42 years old trained clearance diver in the Indian Navy and he had become the 175th solo circumnavigator.


2.) What was the special relationship between Dilip and Jessica?

Answer: Dilip and Jessica both were circumnavigators and they experienced long voyage as their dream.


3.) What happened to the yacht after the third knock-down?

Answer: After the third knock-down the mast being pushed 180 degrees into the water. Ella’s Pink Lady was picked up and thrown down a wave, then forced under a mountain of breaking water and violently turned upside down.


4.) How did Jessica face the knock-downs?

Answer: After the storm, when everything is well-protected and the weather is too hazardous, Jessica couldn’t do much on the duck but feel herself in and hold on. With many things floating all around cabin, it was occasionally difficult for her to keep her policy of reasonable thought, but overall, she believed she could say that the captain and Ella’s pink lady had assisted. That was undoubtedly one of those moments when one starts to wonder why they are doing such things, but at no point was she unable to respond to her own query with the a list of reasons why going through periods like that is completely worthwhile.


5.) How many days did Jessica take to sail around the world? What do you think was remarkable about this feat?

Answer: Jessica sailed across the globe in 210 days. She had completed the world’s first circumnavigation at a young age. The most amazing thing about this feat was that it was unassisted and continuous.


6.) What were Jessica’s feelings after the worst was over?

Answer: Jessica was able to get some rest after she finally clarified the cost of the storm’s destruction. Although she has heavy, pitiful, bruised arms and legs, mentally she feels like she’s grown a whole ten years. Afterwards, she returned to normal, and when she neared halfway, she was in excellent spirits.


7.) What was the name of Jessica’s yacht?

Answer: The name of Jessica’s yacht was Ella’s Pink Lady.


8.) What was the name of Jessica’s book?

Answer: The name of Jessica’s book was ‘True Spirit’.


“With wishes like these how can 2010 not be anything but great?”

1.) Where did these words appear?

Answer: These words appear in the log of DilipDonde

2.) Why was the phone call a pleasant surprise to Donde?

Answer: The phone call was a pleasant surprise to Donde because she was the nearest human being in the sea and both of them were circumnavigator.

3.) What made Jessica something special to DilipDonde?

Answer: At midnight on New Year’s Eve, Jessica contacted DilipDonde to greet him a happy new year. Jessica was unique to DilipDonde at that time since she was the only individual who was closer to him than 350 nautical miles away.

B.) Write True or False beside each statement.

1.) Francis Chichester was the first to circumnavigate the world. – True

2.) Jessica and Dilip were close to each other near the Cape of Good Hope. – False

3.) DilipDonde’s boat was named the Mhadei. – True

4.) The Ella’s Pink Lady was turned upside down in the gale. – True

5.) Jessica could not answer her own questions on why tough times she encountered were totally worth it. – True

6.) Mentally she aged ten years after the experience of the four knockdowns – True



Fill in the blanks. Select the correct option.

1.) I have three pairs of jeans but none of them is blue (none/neither).

2.) Six boys were seated on each bench (each/every).

3.) A few words were spoken at the opening ceremony (few/little).

4.) Rina and Diya are sister. They both sing well (all/both).

5.) There are two raincoats on the hooks but neither of them is blue (neither/none).

6.) There areno stars in the sky. (no/none).

7.) None of the roads have been cleared (no/none).

8.) 1 want to select another cricket bat for the match (another/other).

9.) None of the candidates came in early at the reception centre(none I no).

10) Mary has crafted six clay jugs. Have you selected any ofthem (either/any)?


Do you know what these idioms mean? If not, find out and make sentences with them.

1.) Rain cats and dogs – The weather is not so good; seems it will rain cats and dogs.

2.) Come to grief –All of my effort came to grief after loosing the race.

3.) I’ll eat my hat –If I knew as little of life as that I would eat my had and swallow the buckle whole.

4.) Bring the house down –The comedian brought the house down with his performance.

5.) A land of milk and honey –India was the land of milk and honey when British entered in India.

6.) Hold one’s own –The boys held its own throughout the match.

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