Sankardev School Assam Class 5 English Lesson 6 On The Day Of Holi Solution

Sankardev School Assam Class 5 English Lesson 6 On The Day Of Holi Solution

Sankardev Sishu Niketan School Class 5 English Lesson 6 On The Day Of Holi all Question and Solution by Expert English Teacher. Students of class 5 will get all their textbook questions solution.


a) Who is SrimatiMamoniBaruah? Why is she angry?

Answer –SrimatiMamoniBaruah is the mother of Gayatri.

She is angry because Gayatri, Barun and other children pour colour on a stranger.

b) Why do Gayatri and Barun pour colour on the young boy?

Answer – Gayatri and Barun pour colour on the young boy because it is the occasion of Holi.

c) Why do Gayatri and Barun say sorry to the young boy?

Answer –Gayatri and Barun said sorry to the young boy because they harassed him by pouring colour on him.

d) Where is the young boy going? What does happen to him on the street?

Answer – The young boy is going to the hospital.

On the street Gayatri and Barun poured colour on him.

e) What is the promise that Gayatri and Barun make to the stranger?

Answer – Gayatri and Barun promise to the stranger that they will behave in future.

f) What is the advice of the stranger to Barun and Gayatri?

Answer –The stranger advises Barun and Gayatri to be careful and they should never harass a stranger.

g) On which day does children’s joy know no bounds?

Answer –On the day of Holi children’s joy knows no bounds.

h) Why are the children very happy on the day of Holi?

Answer – On the day of Holi children are very happy because they play with colour and take sweets.

2.) Understand the use of ‘ful’ and less’, Read the words in the left column and express the same in the right column as indicate.

Having much use Useful having no use Useless
Having hope Hopeful having no hope Hopeless
Having colour Colourful having no colour Colourless
Having meaning Meaningful having no meaning Meaningless

3.) Please advise me, I want your advice. Understand the difference between advise and advice in the above sentence. Fill up the blanks in the following sentence using advice or advise

a.) The doctor advised me to run slowly, I took his advice .

b) He took his mother’s advice she advised him to read and write regularly.

c) Will you advise me? Your advise is always helpful.

4.) Choose the right meaning of the words in the left column from the words given in the right column.

Stranger Unknown person
Know no bound Limitless
Peep Quick look
Front yard Small area in front of a house
Baffle Difficult to understand
Behave To be polite
Apartment One portion of a tall building
Harass To trouble

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