Sankardev School Assam Class 3 English Lesson 13 The Elephant Solution

Sankardev School Assam Class 3 English Lesson 13 The Elephant Solution

Sankardev Sishu Niketan School Class 3 English Lesson 13 The Elephant all Question and Solution by Expert English Teacher. Students of class 3 will get all their textbook questions solution.

The Elephant

1.) Fill up the blanks with words domestic, wild, mild:

a.) Wild elephants live in jungles.

b.) Domestic elephants are mild.

c.) Wild elephants are made mild by man.


2.) Read the following sentences. Select the true and false sentences and write the true sentences.

a.) The elephant lives in jungles.

Answer – True

b.) The elephant has a long trunk .

Answer – True

c.) The elephant has two long teeth.

Answer – True

d.) The elephant eats meat.

Answer – False

e.) The elephant eats banana trees.

Answer –True

f.) The domestic elephant is mild.

Answer –True

g.) Wild elephants are mild.

Answer – False

h.) Domestic elephants can do work.

Answer – True

i.) Wild elephants can do work.

Answer – False

j.) A domestic elephant can drive a car.

Answer – False

k.) A domestic elephant can lift a car.

Answer –True

l.) The elephant is a useful animal.

Answer – True

m.) Domestic elephants obey man’s order.

Answer – True

n.) Wild elephants do not obey man’s order

Answer – True

o.) Elephants can not run.

Answer – True

p.) Man keeps elephants in chains.

Answer –True


3.) What do the elephants say?

Answer – The elephants say that they work and play. They never get tired.


4.) What works can the elephant do?

Answer – The elephants do lot of work, they help us to move heavy objects, they are used to travel, while patrolling the jungle they save us form dangerous animals.


5.) Write five sentences about the cow.

a.) The cow is a domestic animal

b.) The cow has two horns.

c.) The cow eats grass

d.) The cow gives us milk

e.) The cow is a helpful animal.


6.) Write sentences from the following sets of words. :

a.) (Jungle, the, live, elephants, in)

Answer – The elephants live in jungle.

b.) (go, they, another, after, one)

Answer –They go one after another.

c.) (work, elephants, do)

Answer – Elephants do work.

d.) (from, elephants, man, learn)

Answer – Elephants learn from man.

e.) (mild, play, elephant)

Answer –Mild elephant play.


7.) Take out the odd words from each set of words:

a.) elephant, jungle, meat, banana

Answer – meat.

b.) Jungle, tree, white, green

Answer – White

c.) elephant, work, play, talk

Answer –Talk

d.) tail, man, animal, bird

Answer – Man

e.) elephant, chain, tree, donkey

Answer – Chain

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